Hi from Adele


Welcome to my blog. I hope I can lift your spirits, if only for a moment today and each day you visit me.    Following 34 years of nursing and having had the privilege of caring for many people I have finally taken the leap to pursue my lifelong dream.  I am so glad that I can share it with you.

Hi,Its me,

My book is completed and the editing stage begins now.. I have also written a few scripts which are always a fun endeavor.  Humor has always been a guiding light throughout my life . Laughter is the best medicine and I have always found this to be true. Writing poetry is another passion as I find it to be a powerful cathartic tool .  Somehow I find it easier to distill my emotions through writing than through any other means.

The notions and experiences that I share with you will be whimsical in nature. Nothing too serious, and if there is a nod or a wink to something serious it will be balanced with a humorous note.

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Sloth Poo dance

https://youtu.be/SHpusaIBQyI My favorite animal, and they only poo weekly. Who knew? And just if they could not be cuter, it transpires they also do a post-poo dance. Unreal, eh? I have been known to do a post-poo dance occasionally, particularly when it is almost a religious experience or tantamount to giving birth. When I trained …