Best of fourth quarter 2021 Part 3 (Part 3 of 3)


  1. Spooky happenings as I go about my business. Too many coincidences require me running around my home with sage to clear the energy.


  1. Whilst working in Saudi in the early 90’s I recall some great memories. We had the life of Reilly Bin Mayhem.

Riyadh Jail Part 1


3.My delusions often take me to imagining myself as a marine Dr.Doolittle befriending seals whilst swimming in Portrane Tower Bay.


  1. My obsession with Miriam Margolyes continues. Unashamedly.


  1. It is difficult for me to see somebody who is as close to an Adonis as is humanly possible be so funny. Chris Hemsworth you are too funny and too gorgeous.


  1. ‘Where does all the fat go?’ Damned if I know. It was cute to have rolls of fat as a baby but apparently not so much nowadays.


  1. Whose Line is it Anyway continues to be one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Anything that requires spontaneous improvisation always inspires me.


  1. This little fella is just cute for words. ‘Your welcome’.


  1. Daniel Craig’s final Bond Movie is superb. But then I am guessing that you already know that. Here are my favorite Bond theme songs.


  1. What if Bond Movies were made in Ireland? What would they be called? Here are a few suggestions for your perusal. Any other suggestions will be greatly received.

Irish Bond Film names


Feck the villains’.

‘It’s grand. We got this’.

‘A ride and a rasher’.

‘Cold minger’ as opposed to Goldfinger.

And finally

‘Deadly Dublin’.


All the best

Stay Fab


Best of fourth quarter 2021 Part 2 (Part 2 of 3)

  1. When I heard that Sean Lock had passed away, I dropped a few tears.  Like many millions of others, I adored him.  His wry, surreal and dry sense of humor will be sorely missed.

  1. What can I say? Finn at his glorious best.   Post groom doing his poo roll in the park with such zeal and fervor that I could only describe it as a doggiegasm. Trying to stop him was an unsuccessful endeavor.

  1. Every time I go to Malahide beach with Buzz and Finn, I think of the shit sand artist. Possibly a new Banksy in the making? Who knows?

4.This true story of survival is hard to believe. A young boy at sea for thirteen hours in County Kerry saved by a pod of dolphins.

  1. I enjoyed recalling my wild and heady youthful days of headshaking. And passing the chalice onto my sister by teaching her my technique.

6.Where is the baby that appeared on the front cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind album now? And do you care ? Probably not…………


  1. My number is up. I have been reported to the Canine Federation of Ireland for unequal cuddling by Buzz and Finn. Lesson has been learnt.


  1. What a program? What a talent? Phoebe Waller Bridge is a genius. The opening scene of Fleabag is possibly my favorite scene ever.


9.It was a slow day and I decided to create alternative lyrics to this song.


  1. Yay. My short story about a very very very naughty nun will be published in Thi Wurd magazine in February 2022.  Inspired by Fleabag.

All the best

Stay Fab


Best of fourth quarter 2021 Part 1 (Part 1 of 3)

Having completed a full year blogging here are my favorite blogs from the last quarter.

  1. Morning furry cuddles, kisses and belly rubs. The best doggy daily alarm ever.


  1. Besides Adele I think that Jennifer Lawrence has to be the funniest celebrity on the planet. She does not take herself or anyone else too seriously which is always so refreshing.


  1. Rockstars after they were famous was possibly one of my favorite blogs ever. Imagining joke jobs for current bands was never going to be a chore. Music, singers, songs and wordplay really float my boat. I unashamedly admit to being a bit of a nerd.


  1. Jimmy Carr and Johnny Vegas are a match made in heaven. Two comedy Gods extracting the urine from one another. What’s not to like?


  1. Without a doubt the best acceptance speech award has to go to Spike Milligan for this. I also love the fact that on his gravestone he has written’ I told you I wasn’t well’.


  1. I embrace my crazy side. As I have gotten older hiding it has become too exhausting.

  1. Me and my ingenious ideas. And somebody beat me to it.

  1. Elton John is another refreshing celebrity that does not take himself too seriously which is evident from this clip.

  1. Finn has notions far greater than his little size.

Which just makes him cuter in my eyes.( I’m a poet and I don’t know it).

  1. Irish sayings- we have so many. Yet seem to use so few. Here are some of the best.


All the best

Stay Fab


Naughty Naughty Priest Father King

You couldn’t make this up. Or if you did you would be hung drawn and quartered for gross indecency.   A Galway Bishop has placed a priest on indefinite leave following his posting of controversial videos on TikTok.  Father King from Renmore in Galway was ordained in 2016 and was a parish priest of Gort in County Galway.

In the video he suggests playing Highway To Hell at a funeral mass whilst appearing topless and also discussing sex and alcohol.   Other songs that he would have on his funeral Mass playlist are Queen’s Another one bites the dust, The Bee Gees Stayin alive and the dance hit You’ll never see me again. He forgot Always look on the bright side of life .

Another post shows a woman using a blow dryer between her legs alongside a video of the priest who asks her what she is doing.

‘I’m heating up your dinner’.

To which Fr.King replies ‘I’m hungry’.

All of this is shocking, disrespectful and upsetting.  But like lots of things in life it is all about perspective. Prior to becoming a priest Father King had worked as a bouncer in nightclubs and bars in Galway.  He had also spent time in Dubai before entering the priesthood.

Maybe I am wrong but perhaps his life prior to becoming a priest was a sign that the vocation was not for him?   It’s like a porn star becoming a nun. I do believe we all deserve second chances in life to turn our lives around but this was too outrageous to not blog about it.  I wonder what he will do next? Maybe an alternative Funeral Director?

All the best

Stay Fab


Swimming Yoga and coconut oil

I had a lovely swim over the weekend and our post swim discussion was the merits of yoga and coconut oil.  It got me thinking about the possibility of applying coconut oil to my body post swim- to moisturize my skin and then to do a yoga session on the beach. It made me smile as I could visualize myself slipping and sliding all over the yoga mat and then onto the sand.  To end up being covered in it.

The problem for people that don’t swim is that people like me never shut up about it.   With the slightest ounce of encouragement, I can launch into the benefits of cold-water therapy and swimming in the sea.

It’s like anyone that is passionate about yoga and coconut oil.   For some reason we claim that it cures almost anything that ails you.   It probably doesn’t but what you get is time away from thinking about what it is that ails you.

I am bound to feel better when I get out of the sea. But perhaps the primary reason is that I am not freezing anymore.   It does reset my mind and I definitely do have more energy afterwards.

The social scene and camaraderie where I swim are so nourishing.   My apologies. I seem to have forgotten how annoying it can be for non-swimmers to have to listen to swimmers never mind having to read about it.

All the best

Stay Fab