Poem Mosaic


I eschew the mundane and prosaic.

Living successes and lessons in my life mosaic.

I surrender to the universe.

Living my life’s song and verse.

I am all of my broken pieces that make me whole.

I am a wandering mystical, miraculous soul.

I am as strong as I am weak.

No longer silent as I speak.


Adele Leahy


Over the last week, I have been experiencing a phenomenal number of synchronicities. On a day-to-day basis, I might encounter one of two, but the last few days have been off the scale. I had Four-B (4B) written on my hand to remind me that I had four blogs to write. Whilst on a zoom meeting, I glanced at my hand and the 4B blog reminder whilst simultaneously, someone on the meeting mentioned 4B as they were referencing a point in a policy.

A few hours later, whilst taking a writing break, Emma Thompson appeared on my TikTok. I am obsessed with her as her feminine power is palpable, and I cannot wait to see her this weekend in ‘Goodbye to Leo Grande’. At the same time, a photo of her appeared on my laptop screensaver as all my blog photos are on a loop, and Emma had featured in one.

I have used a London Underground map outline to map my story arc, which I found on the internet last year and find very useful. Whilst looking through my photos for a picture, I came across it. Later, when walking Buzz and Finn, I passed by somebody’s doorway and on their doormat was the outline of a tube line. Every time I walk them now, I see it.

All the best

Stay Fab



Kilmurvey Beach on Inis Mor, Aran Island.

I have researched this day-June 13th– only to discover that it is of no significance whatsoever to anyone, anywhere in the world. It is not World Gardening Day, World Wind Day or World Pet Day and I shall not bore you with the hundreds of other days that are celebrated. Although World Groundhog Day should really be repeated every day if you think about it for long enough.

In failing to have a subject for this blog I have decided that I am imperfecked. Yesterday I realized that the word ‘fecked’ is beautifully and silently woven into the word ‘imperfect’. And my personal meaning for this word is that I am fecked if I am going to try and be perfect anymore, as it does not work for me. Never has, never will. I am reconciling myself with my imperfections.

However, June 13th is of special significance to me as my lucky number is thirteen and I am also born on the last day of this month. This year I have decided that I will celebrate every day in June. Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining some friends for a trip to Inis Mor, one of the Aran Islands. The sun shone and we had a beautiful day swimming at Kilmurvey beach. The sand on the beach was like white powder and it really was a perfect day.

Upon finishing this blog, I remembered that I forgot to celebrate a few June days last week. So, there you go, I have been reminded yet again of being imperfecked. And perfectly grand with the notion too.

All the best

Stay Fab


World Ocean Day

To celebrate World Ocean Day today I posted the following on Twitter. Seaze the day is also the name of one of my short stories but as I like the term so much, I felt the need to re-use it.

Seaze the Day

The sea pulses within me.

It is my frequen-sea.

I bathe in its ecsta-sea.

And exalt in its serenity.


Walking Buzz and Finn on the beach is my happy place. Collecting oyster shells is also something that I enjoy doing on my walks. They are on display on the ground and on the window sill outside my home. The shell in the picture has to be the most beautiful one that I have ever seen as the colors of bronze and gold inside the shell are so vivid.

I would also like to re-visit my poem -The Abalone Sea.

The Abalone Sea

My soul wails seeking solace

From the grime and the menace

As I hear the ocean chorus

I am drawn to my bliss

The gulls call me

Beckoning to their abalone sea

Aquamarine soul energy

Clambering through the dunes joyfully

My bare feet curl on the ribs of sand

I witness the ocean wave its cresting hand

The graceful sea grass whispers to my mind

Taste the sea air, inhale, unwind.

My angst begins to unfurl

My empty shell becoming impearled

The ocean’s labradorite hues become my world

As I glisten within becoming a little girl



Here is a picture of the Abalone shell from New Zealand. One of the most beautiful shells in the world.

All the best

Stay Fab