Baldoyle Pub creche 1996

I recall from my time working in Dubai that the Fibber McGees pub on Sheikh Zayed Road had a similar sign on a chalk sandwich board as you walked in.  It was- Please leave your husband here in the man creche whilst you shop. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that he is getting quietly sozzled as you spend to your heart’s content.

Today, Dubai is marketed as the ‘Monaco’ of the Middle East. Their tourism marketing has always been off the scale. If you are into high life, awesome hotels, modern architecture and sunshine, then this is the place for you. I left in 2013, having lived there for eight years. I remember going to Fibbers when you could not see your hand in front of you for cigarette smoke.

Fibbers had a fab weekly pub quiz which featured a creative round. It is probably my favourite pub quiz ever. This varied from being given tin foil to design a hat for the Races to plasticine for a new Iconic structure for the country we hailed from. My friends and I created a Rainbow with a leprechaun and a cock of gold. Bringing the tone down was something we excelled in.


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World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day was last month on June 08th. I had a perfect walk on Malahide Beach with my dogs, Buzz and Finn. We had it all to ourselves as a relentless light rain drizzled down. My trusty Orca Robe kept me warm. I have ‘The sea is my frequensea’ embroidered onto my right lapel, and as I left the beach, someone remarked that they liked the saying, which was nice as it is my phrase. When I got home, I was inspired to write this poem as the dunes are ravaged further each time I visit, and the coastal erosion is evident.



Malahide Beach

The sea swims within me.

Waves crashing, mind no longer dashing.

It is louder today, the sea.

As the seagulls, in the heavy rain, sing.

I have it to myself, just the sea and me.

Sea weed-strewn shells of oyster, razor and crab claws.

Four cormorants fly by so gracefully.

Then a curious heron enraptures me with awe.

The erosion is evident every time I visit.

The sea angrily chewing the coast in protest.

Chunks of dune on the beach like litter.

As we plunder and pillage an ocean that is no longer blessed.

By Adele Leahy


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Billy Connolly

I love this man as many, many millions of others do. The first joke I heard that had me in a fit of giggle was told by Billy Connolly on The Parkinson Show on BBC. He was describing an event that he was at where he did not feel very welcome, saying- I felt about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. To this day, I am quite impressed that I even got the joke. At about eight years old,  I must have understood the physics of methane wafting around a balloon-type suit containing a human. To this day, it still makes me smile.

Humour is a valuable tool for me to deal with challenging circumstances that may arise. A very dear aunt who passed away was very anxious in her last few years. I recall visiting her when she described every pain and ache from her head to her toes. In a bid to fix everything, I mentioned that I knew a well-known Gerontologist in Beaumont Hospital that could see her. My Aunt declined the help, and I got very upset. Her anxiety and not being able to help her really affected me.

Catherine Tate’s Nan character came up on my YouTube, and I decided to imagine myself in the sketch when I next visited my Aunt. I would be the nephew/niece played by Mathew Horne. My dear Aunt would be Nan. Even though it was a crazy idea, it really helped to quell my anxiety from then on.

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Barbie and Ken

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are busy promoting their new Barbie movie. I adore both actors but have never been a Barbie fan. Everything about the movie is pink, which is my least favourite colour. I try to be more punk than pink.

Below is the link to the trailer.

I am not a girly girl, never have been, and never will be. But the above joke did make me smile. Between a Barbie movie and the Lego movie. What is next? Marvel Comics seems to have exhausted its superhero repertoire. I did hear last week that they are doing a Barney movie. But this is a Barnie movie with a twist, as it is for adults. Apparently, it is very dark indeed. Daniel Kaluuya plays the lead, and he is an amazing actor.

If we are going down the route of an adult style Barnie movie, maybe we could have a Teletubby Horror Movie or The Wombles of Wimbledon getting whacked on weed? The possibilities are endless.

Zig and Zag must be Ireland’s most famous puppet duo. They are unashamedly rude, insulting, and irreverent, and it is very hard not to adore them. When they have interviewed celebrities over the years, they need to have a good sense of humour as Zig and Zag will rip them apart.

And just because I am obsessed with Robin Williams, here are Zig and Zag interviewing the great man himself on the Big Breakfast. I cannot believe I found it. Enjoy.

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