Poem Templenacarriga

I wrote this poem for my Aunty Nora who lives in a place called Templenacarriga near Midleton in County Cork. Back in September this year I visited and we went down the field with her dachshunds to meet her cows. It was a cherished moment for me. When she told me that she talks to her cows, I said – Why wouldn’t you?



Saffron leaves have turned to gold.

The manure farm air invigorates my body and my soul.

My cathedral of God’s given earth.

Blesses my senses on this morning’s birth.



The Robin worships his tree with song.

Lost in the chirping chorus, this is where I belong.

His proud red breast glorifies my sanctuary.

As I rejoice and give thanks for my health, my farm and family.



A hush and my secret silence descends.

The chandelier spider’s web with dew drops glistens.

A rabbit spots me and scurries into a bush.

The inky sky attempting to blot out the sun’s blush.



My dachshunds are dashing around my feet.

As they invigorate my retreat.

Their infectious energy adds to my joy sense.

I amble down the hill to my Friesian friends.



Communing with my cows always delivers delight.

As they come, we discuss our day and our night.

I tell them what is on my mind and they tell me what is on theirs.

We dispel one another’s worries, troubles, and cares.



My ancestral divinity infuses this land.

God gathers me in his beauty and takes me by the hand.

This farm is my heavenly compass.

My morning baptismal is how I am blessed.


Adele Leahy

All the best

Stay fab


Dog Poop Chat

Whilst walking my dogs yesterday I overheard the following which made me smile.

  • Can you do a poop for me now? Come on now. What are the chances?

She got no reply.

  • Now, is there any way you can do a shit for me?

Again. No response. Possibly the reason for the lack of response was the fact that she was talking to her dog. The last time I checked, dogs do not talk. Huskies try, their videos are all over TikTok. In fairness, there are one or two other doggy videos where a dog will make a good effort to talk to their owner, but by and large, dogs do not speak. Here are some of the dogs attempting to talk.


As I was walking away from her, I could not help smiling to myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I chat regularly with my dogs, but I draw the line at negotiating with them to poop.

Sometimes when I am going out and leaving them for a while, I notice the book by my bed and recommend they have a read. Upon my return, I ask them what they thought. It’s like a canine book club. This week’s book is, The Bee Sting, by Paul Murray. There are no mentions of dogs in the book, so far, which probably means that they will be less interested. The last book I read that featured a dog was, A Dog’s Purpose. They loved it, or I like to think that they did. And when I am not ensconced in my delightful delusions, I remind myself that dogs do not talk or read. But they do give the best cuddles.

All the best

Stay fab


The Axe Lady and My Gypsy Blessing Part Two

After ten minutes or so, another lady, who I knew to be a Traveller, was entering her dog into the best breed competition. She had a lovely face and was looking at me intently. She then went on to ask me if I was psychic. I said that maybe I was and how, as psychics, we can often recognize one another.

Her dog was not placed, and I could see she was visibly disappointed. At the intermission, she came to me and asked me if I could give her dog a rosette. Myself and my friend were responsible for the presentation of the trophies and rosettes and were quite busy. I did not want my credibility questioned, so I asked the organizer, and she agreed. At the end of the competition, I gave her a blue rosette that said, ‘Special dog.’ She was thrilled. She then touched my arm and told me I would win a car and buy a lottery ticket as I may have some money coming to me.

I bought a few lottery tickets and a ticket for a car draw before Christmas. I have had no luck with the lottery, but I will let you know if I win anything. Overall, it was a fab day with so many beautiful dogs.


All the best

Stay fab



The Axe Lady and My Gypsy Blessing Part One

A few years ago, my friend from Ballinasloe showed me a shocking video on Facebook. We both trained as nurses at Portiuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe many moons ago. The Ballinasloe Horse Fair is the oldest in Europe, and every now and then, we go back and take a lovely trip down memory lane.

The video was a real-life video of a middle-aged lady from Hymany Park in Ballinasloe threatening one of her neighbours. She said that she would get an axe to her door. The video then went on to show her son waving an axe at her neighbor’s front door. It was hard to believe how emphatic this lady was with her threats towards her neighbour. I wondered if the Gardai had become involved at any stage due to the public nature of the outcry. For some reason, I got a fit of the giggles when I saw it, as it was hard to believe.

This year, we were helping my friend’s sister at The Dog Show. It was a bright sunny day, and possibly one hundred dogs entered the twenty-five competitions. The competitions varied from best in breed, most obedient, best fancy dress to judges’ favourite.

When I was collecting the money for the dog show, my friend tapped me on the shoulder and said that I had just served the ‘Axe Lady,’ I was in shock and weirdly in awe. So was my friend. We both shrieked with as much joy as had we both seen a unicorn. Afterwards, I was scared to even look at her. Perhaps it was her infamy that intrigued us. But we just about held it together and continued to serve the other customers.

All the best

Stay fab