Happy (early) Easter 2024

I am not a massive fan of Easter but I did give up eating trees for Lent. Getting splinters in my gums was dreadfully painful. It had become an awful habit and one that I am glad to say I think I have overcome. However, I am now (BPA- Bad Pun Alert) branching out into other questionable activities. You may say I am (BPA) barking mad, and you would be right. If I can get to the (BPA) root of the issue maybe it (BPA) woodn’t be such an issue. I shall endeavour to (BPA) Spruce up my act Fir my own good.

My latest bad habit is doing squats as I wait for my change when I am paying for something. I do get some funny looks but I ignore them as I know I am building up my squads, or is it quads? When I was filling my car with petrol yesterday, I screamed and said – I won, when the car was filled with petrol. Again, I got some funny looks, but I felt the need to celebrate the activity of filling my car (Who, btw, is called Lolita) and create positivity for the gratitude of being able to drive, have a car, and get petrol.

Maybe I should not give up anything for Lent next year.

Happy (early) Easter 2024

All the best

Stay fab


Stand-Up Comedy Ikea

Ikea or Ikant

Here is some of the material I will be performing.

Over the weekend I went to Ikea for some things. I prepared with a compass and some string to find my way out. In the bedding section, I found a little old lady who looked perplexed. She asked me what year it was. I said it is 2024 and I then asked her age. She said she was 84 but had come into Ikea when she was 74 and hadn’t left as she was lost.

Three meerkats beside her had popped in for a small writing table and were lost too. Where meerkats normally have their hands in front, palms down, on this occasion they were palms up in dismay at having no notion of where to go.

I also spotted a couple of backpackers walking around aimlessly. One of them asked me for the way out. I asked him what he was looking for in Ikea. He said the Far East was too expensive to go backpacking to find himself and how many backpackers were now using Ikea as a way of finding themselves. As he claimed, if you could find your way out of Ikea, you could do anything. He had a point.

If anyone would like to adopt a little old lady or a Meerkat please get in touch.

All the best

Stay fab


Happy International Monday and other Silly Days Part Three (of Three)

Happy International Monday and other Silly Days Part Three (of Three) CONTD

14. International Radiohead Day. Well, they are the best band on the planet.

Here is the Paranoid Android video. When it was released, it was compared to Bohemian Rhapsody. Although in fairness, no matter how much I love Radiohead, nothing can be compared to Bohemian Rhapsody.


  1. International Laughter Day. Of all the days this really should be a day where we seek out our favourite comedians and YouTube/ TikTok Clips that make us laugh.

Here are a few of mine. I have featured many over the years of my favourite comedians such as Catherine Tate, Comic Relief, Only Fools and Horses, and feck it, here are Monty Python again. I just seem to be unable to pass up an opportunity for a Python giggle. They are the Kings of silliness.

Catherine Tate’s Funniest Sketches



Little Britain meets Elton JohnComic Relief



Only Fools and Horses Uncle Albert’s horrified




Top 10 Funniest Monty Python Sketches, scenes and songs




  1. International not being cross day. Maybe this could be an option? Where we try not to be cross and instead be nice to each other? Just a thought.


  1. International Farting Day. Of course, I had to end it all on a crass note. But then, it’s what I do. If we had such a day the sale of beans and carrots would go through the roof. Although some might say this day already exists and is called Christmas Day. When we overindulge and parp to Kingdom come.

The Irish Sun did an article on farts and medical health. I have to admit it did make me smile. This is where the picture came from.


I’m off to have some beans and Brussels sprouts.


All the best

Stay fab


Happy International Monday and other Silly Days Part Two (of Three)

Happy International Monday and other Silly Days Part Two (of Three) CONTD


  1. International Talk like Shakespeare Day. I love this even though I am not a big Shakespeare fan. I did King Lear and The Merchant of Venice in school which I enjoyed. Forsooth my visage is perplexed.
  2. International Silly Walking Day (Yes, it’s made up but surely Monty Python should be celebrated and revered each year).
  3. International Muppet Day (Again, made up, but as long as Trump is around, he does qualify as a living muppet. ) I adore the Muppets as they have featured in many of my blogs. I just need any excuse to mention them and look up the Mna, Mna video. It never fails to make me smile. So here goes-



  1. International Cillian Murphy Day – Well, he is fab and he did just win an Oscar for Best Actor in Oppenheimer.
  2. International St. Patrick’s Day where the whole world celebrates the patron Saint of a small green country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean named Ireland. Oh, I forgot, this already happens
  3. International Jungle Book Day – My favourite Disney Movie. Why Not? Here is the Bare Necessities.



All the best

Stay fab