Anxious Comedy Relief

When my beloved aunt was ill, I often offered her help as I knew healthcare professionals who could ease her pain. She refused my help every time. My anxiety continued to escalate as I found it difficult to witness her being in pain. One evening I went home and watched Catherine Tate’s Nan. It offered me the giggle therapy I needed. After that whenever I visited my aunt, I imagined her as Catherine Tate’s Nan, and me as a niece. This offered me great relief from her anxiety as well as my own.

The 40-45 video of Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse never ceases to crack me up. Whenever anyone mentions either number I attempt to stifle a smile.

Harry and Paul – 40…45 years

And finally, the power of Panda Therapy cannot be ignored. I get immense relief from melancholy when I witness baby or giant pandas tumbling around or chewing bamboo and carrots. ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the latest craze for stress relief as hearing certain sounds can reduce our stress response. This genius put the two together, giant pandas being cute and eating crunchy crunchy vegetables. You are welcome.

ASMR Panda Eating Carrots Compilation

If a panda does not work to relieve your stress how about a turtle chewing a strawberry?

ASMR  🍓 Turtle eating strawberry


All the best

Stay fab