Bullying in Nursing Part Two

Another friend told me of when a Nursing Sister screamed at her ‘Nurse, you are a disgrace to the profession, how can you come to the ward without your fob watch.’ She was told to leave the ward, in front of the Surgical team. She still has PTSD from it to this day.

But my all-time favourite story is from a Galway Nurse working in Beaumont Neuro Intensive Care. She had worked in the unit for three years and everyone loved her as she was a brilliant nurse and great craic.

It was her last day as she worked her months’ notice and planned to travel to Asia and Australia for a year. Two neurosurgeons (who were good friends) were at the end of a patient’s bed and they were arguing throughout treatment. One surgeon was the patient’s Doctor and the other Surgeon was visiting the patient in the next bed. They had just begun chatting when one asked the other, out of curiosity, for their opinion. It was a friendly chat and the nurse said, ‘Why don’t ye both just unzip your trousers, pop your lads up on the bed table and we’ll sort this out for once and for all.’ They both laughed at her audacity and carried on with their rounds. It was such an outrageous comment to make to two neurosurgeons that I can never forget it as it always makes me smile.

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