Doggy Rock Bands

I was daydreaming yesterday and began to think of silly re-imagined names of rock bands if all of the members were dogs. I started with ‘Bone Jovi’ ( which I was quite proud of, and then I got a little carried away….. Have you any more suggestions?

  1. Snow Pawtrol
  2. The Waggerboys ( The Waterboys)
  3. Super Furry Animals-Obvs.
  4. Red Hot Chili Papillons
  5. Don’t stop retrievers, the Foreigner song. I went off-piste here.
  6. Black Eyed Paws
  7. Ruff Leppard
  8. Bones’n Roses
  9. Muttley Crew
  10. Muttorhead
  11. Pet shop boys, obvs
  12. The Beagles ( Mash up of Eagles& Beatles)
  13. Limp dog Bizkit
  14. The Animals, obvs
  15. Earth, Wind and Furr
  16. The Velvet Undergrowl
  17. The Boomtown Ruffs
  18. The Irish Rovers, obvs
  19. Hot House Fowlers
  20. Fidoline
  21. The Moondogs, obvs.Irish
  22. Pawcture this
  23. Pawlow Queens
  24. The Paw Doctors
  25. The Curonas


All the best

Stay fab