The Stunning gig Part 2

When I returned to my seat, two couples had arrived late and were sitting together two rows down from us. One of the girls got up to go to the bathroom, and I admired her jumper. It was a black batwing with star-shaped sequined patches on the shoulder and upper arm. I enjoyed watching the antics of the two couples down for me as the guy on the outside was extremely exuberant in his dancing. The other guy at the end of the two couples did not appear to want to catch this guy’s eye. He was gesticulating and pointing in an attempt to get his attention and share his exhilaration. It made me smile as I thought that perhaps he found his friends dancing embarrassing.

The ecstatic dancing guy was wearing a multicolored shirt with a paisley design and superman style glasses. Later on, while dancing, he took the hand of his male friend from behind the two women and kissed it. They both laughed. It was such a heart-warming display of friendship. When the gig finished, we all trooped down the stairs to the cold outside. My friend checked her pockets for her phone and realized that it was not there. She raced back to try and find it. The paisley shirt guy had picked it up and was handing it into the cloakroom. The night ended on a high as we danced back to the car park to head home.


All the best

Stay Fab


The Stunning gig Part 1

I was reminded of a Christmas 2021 gig that I went to with my friend when I heard the lead singer of the band ‘The Stunning’ interviewed on the radio today. They were amazing as always, and the evening was especially poignant as it was just before the last Covid lockdown. We have seen them about half a dozen times, and they never fail to impress. Even more than thirty years after forming ‘Brewing up a storm’ always gets me going. It must be one of the nation’s favourite songs.

The lead singer in the main band played beside his brother on base. The guy on the keyboards also played the trumpet and the bongo drums. He blew my mind; I had never seen anyone play the bongo drums so fast and with such amazing skill. We moved after the first song as a pillar was blocking my view of the lead singer.

There were two giant mirrors in front of the circle seats where we were sitting, and I could see myself dancing; for a minute, I thought I actually looked quite cool. As we were up in the gods we had a birds-eye view of a box beneath us to the right. Everyone in it was dancing on their seats and giving it socks. I went to the bathroom, and as I was seated on the throne, I noticed a baby changing fixture in front of me. I smiled to myself whilst reading it as I thought if somebody did want to change their baby, they could just leave it there and come back and maybe get a different one.

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Singing Coffee Van Man

In the development where I live, there is an Asian man that owns a coffee van. I saw him and his van down by Low Rock a few weeks ago. One of my friends advised him to increase his business by going to the swimming spots. While walking past, I noticed that he was singing into his phone at the top of his voice. He was so engrossed that he never noticed me. I loitered nearby, pretending that Buzz and Finn had some important sniffing going on as I was fascinated.

He was singing the ‘Greatest love all of all’ by Whitney Houston with great gusto. It is a difficult song to sing at the best of times and he was giving it all he could. I couldn’t help but think that maybe he was auditioning for one of the talent shows on television. For a moment, I was tempted to ask him if he took requests.

Anytime I see the van now, I smile when I recall the moment. Perhaps someday I will buy a coffee from him and sing him my order. Just to see his reaction. The phrase ‘sing for your supper’ could be rephrased to ‘sing for your coffee’. Imagine if there were shops that insisted on customers singing their orders. I can see us all now singing at Starbucks or Mcdonald’s. Maybe they will dedicate one hour a week to this? I would be well up for it.

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Stay Fab


Nerdy dancing

Like a lot of folk I think that I have the moves of Robyn in Call your girlfriend

But at this stage in my life, I would most likely be classified as a nerdy dancer. I became obsessed with Robyn when I saw the following video (On TikTok) with Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph

Of course, I then had to go and learn all of Robyn’s dance moves from the video. The tumble was a bit tricky to say the least. Nelly the elephant came to mind.

Whilst walking in the park the other day I was listening to 70’s music. My favorite track ‘I feel love’ by Donna summer came on and I began to dream of her playing the legend slot on Sunday at Glastonbury. I was almost dancing around the park as I envisioned myself there.

It transpires that it might be difficult for her to headline at Glastonbury as she is no longer with us. I then began to think that maybe Elvis would be a great replacement. And guess what? I found out that he is no longer with us either.

Diana Ross is to grace the Pyramid stage at this year’s Glastonbury. What a woman. She exemplifies grace. I am envious of everyone that is going but I cannot be greedy as I have tickets for Latitude in the UK and Electric Picnic in September in Ireland.

Woo hoo. Bring on the festy fun.

All the best

Stay Fab


Open Mic night



A few years ago, pre Covid, I was with some friends at a pub in Temple Bar. Ooohh, when I look back at those halcyon days of freedom and light.  Before I had gone to the loo we were talking about our individual experiences with anxiety and depression.

All of us had been tainted by both at some time or another and it was both liberating and sad to hear everyone’s experiences. Shame appeared to be a common trait among us. Even though awareness has heightened around mental health over the last many years, a pervading stigma remains.

When I returned the conversation revolved around an ‘Open Mic’ night. All the girls were excited and animated.  I said to the girls ‘So who is this guy Mike and why is he so open with his feelings?  Does it help people?  ’.

One of the girls looked at me and said ‘Seriously’, I said, ‘Yes, when will he be coming here?  . They all started laughing their heads off, a few were crying as they thought I was taking the piss.

I can be fierce thick at times but this was an all-time low, even for me.  I soon realized I got the wrong end of the stick.   I went along with it and started laughing as well’. Another said, ‘Oh, it was your straight face and delivery, priceless’.

I was asked if I would be reciting one of my poems. At this point I had noticed a poster outlining the details of the ‘Open Mic night’ and eventually the penny dropped. What a numpty eh? Needless to say, the night has not happened and may not for some time but I will be ready with my ‘Mic’ when it does.  Who knows I may even meet a Mike who is open about his feelings?

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.



The Prodigy

The Prodigy ‘Breathe’.


This is my favorite Prodigy song.   From the eponymous ‘Fat of the Land’ album.   A number of the songs from this album were used in the movie ‘Hackers’ with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller.  ‘Music for the jilted generation’ was its predecessor and saw them gain global acclaim and recognition.

Walter Stern directed the video as well as Firestarter, Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve and Massive Attach Teardrop. Some of the greatest music videos of all time in my view.

I had the very great pleasure of seeing The Prodigy play at Electric Picnic a number of years ago.  Their music is visceral for me. I relate to their raw energy and anti-establishment stance.

Apparently, they refused  to appear on Top of The Pops as it was too commercial which was a very brave move when they were starting out.  I never realized that their style is known as electronic punk. ‘Godfathers of rave’ was a term used to describe them which to me is a perfect description.

The track ‘Smack my bitch up’ was banned around the world as people believed it glorified male to female violence.  The song actually refers to a guy injecting his girlfriend with heroine.  As ‘smack ‘is the slang for heroin. The following clip is an orchestral version of Voodoo People.

The Prodigy Orchestra Voodoo People

In the following clip Keith Flint and Richard Russell discuss their perspective on the lawless rave years.

The rave years with Keith Flint and Richard Russell

I wonder if they will ever replace Keith?  It would be a very challenging task as he was so talented and unique. Here is hoping.

All the best

Stay Fab


The Yacht Part 2(of 2)

I was on my way to Bull Island in Clontarf. An invitation for a talk on Bull Island by a representative from An Taisce (The National Trust for Ireland) had been sent to me by a friend. We were to meet at the Interpretative center where we would be enlightened with the Island’s history and its many birds.

When I got there my friend had befriended another attendee whilst she was waiting for me. This girl was dressed for a festival. Multi colored beanie with sown on dread locks and a denim jacket emblazoned with a giant butterfly on the back. My kinda style. I immediately warmed to her.  She had previously worked for An Taisce and regaled us with the story of the Blue Flag beach scams of the 90’s.

She told us of how people from various councils around the country pretended that their beach was blue flag. They would change the year that the flag was initially granted by coloring in the numbers. This made me smile. It would only happen in Ireland. Although upon further consideration I realized just how dangerous it can be.

On my way back along the coast I stopped as I noticed a man painting the yacht. Curiosity got the better of me and I stopped the car. I couldn’t help myself and tried to engage him in conversation.

His English was very poor but he spoke with me and told me that he was from Latvia. His name was ‘Igor’. He was on a mission to restore his boat to its former glory. He told me that it is a 55-foot three berth yacht that had sailed the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea.

All the best

Stay fab


The Yacht Part 1(of 2)

As I drove around the corner The Grand Hotel in Malahide and the sea greeted me. My heart lifted. Witnessing the sea in all its glory never failed to fill me with awe. I made a mental note to stop on the way back to photograph the large yacht.

It had run aground in front of the Russian homeless tent commune overlooking the beach following the three storms that we had in one week. The yacht was awesome, bent over on its side on a sand bank. I daydreamed about sailing away in it.

I then began to imagine that maybe one of the Russians had manifested it running aground. It was moored directly opposite where they lived no less than 100 yards away. I am sure that they spent many hours every day gazing at it. It appeared nobody owned it as it was in dire need of repair.

I knew that the commune of tents was Russian as I heard them talking one day whilst I walked past with my two dogs Buzz and Finn. The word ‘Spasibo’ was spoken which is Russian for‘ Thankyou’.I had learnt this word (and a few others) whilst on a three-month contract in Kazakhstan as an Accreditation Healthcare Consultant in 2013.

Which incidentally was probably one of my favorite places to work. They were Muslim people and the kindest and most caring that I had ever met. They also had a great sense of humor. I will write another blog on my experiences.

All the best
Stay fab

Little Britain – Fat fighters (Marjorie)

I started a diet a few months ago and the results have been less than satisfactory. Whenever I start one all I can hear is Marjory from Little Britain screaming ‘I love a bit of cake’. And then unfortunately I become obsessed with having a bit of cake.

Little Britain – Fat fighters ‘Cake’ .

Or the prospect of having to eat dust also comes to mind.

Little Britain-Fat fighters ‘Dust’

This type of comedy is no longer deemed correct as it is seen as being too offensive to fat people.

Little Britain – Fat fighters (Marjory)

‘Hey fatty bum bum’.  I used to sing this as a child and thought that it was hilarious.  At the time it just seemed like a funny rhyme.

Little Britain is now part of the cancel culture. I don’t truly understand this thinking as I see my favorite types of comedy as being offensive. It is a breath of fresh air when a comedian says something out loud that I may have been thinking but have been too afraid to voice.

I have been at a comedy club in Dublin and been insulted.  But I just laughed wholeheartedly. Taking life seriously is a full-time job and when I am at a comedy club, I seek a break from the societal conventions of always saying and doing the right thing.

Little Britain – Fat fighters (Marjory) and Meera ‘Curry’.

This clip can be seen as quite racist but I just see it as one person not understanding the accent of another. As an Irish person we have so many different dialects and we frequently get tourists trying to imitate the Irish accent.  None of us take offence as we just see it as light hearted banter.  Am I wrong?  Let me know what you think. I ‘m off to have some dust.

All the best

Stay Fab


Best of fourth quarter 2021 Part 3 (Part 3 of 3)


  1. Spooky happenings as I go about my business. Too many coincidences require me running around my home with sage to clear the energy.


  1. Whilst working in Saudi in the early 90’s I recall some great memories. We had the life of Reilly Bin Mayhem.

Riyadh Jail Part 1


3.My delusions often take me to imagining myself as a marine Dr.Doolittle befriending seals whilst swimming in Portrane Tower Bay.


  1. My obsession with Miriam Margolyes continues. Unashamedly.


  1. It is difficult for me to see somebody who is as close to an Adonis as is humanly possible be so funny. Chris Hemsworth you are too funny and too gorgeous.


  1. ‘Where does all the fat go?’ Damned if I know. It was cute to have rolls of fat as a baby but apparently not so much nowadays.


  1. Whose Line is it Anyway continues to be one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Anything that requires spontaneous improvisation always inspires me.


  1. This little fella is just cute for words. ‘Your welcome’.


  1. Daniel Craig’s final Bond Movie is superb. But then I am guessing that you already know that. Here are my favorite Bond theme songs.


  1. What if Bond Movies were made in Ireland? What would they be called? Here are a few suggestions for your perusal. Any other suggestions will be greatly received.

Irish Bond Film names


Feck the villains’.

‘It’s grand. We got this’.

‘A ride and a rasher’.

‘Cold minger’ as opposed to Goldfinger.

And finally

‘Deadly Dublin’.


All the best

Stay Fab