Sloth dance

My favorite animal, and they only poo weekly. Who knew? And just if they could not be cuter, it transpires they also do a post-poo dance. Unreal, eh? I have been known to do a post-poo dance occasionally, particularly when it is almost a religious experience or tantamount to giving birth.

When I trained as a nurse, my principal tutor, Sr.Madeline, drilled into us, ‘Always obey the call to stool’. She even made it sound like a calling/ religious experience too. She was a Franciscan Missionary from Singapore. Her reason for the warning was that if you do not ‘obey the call to stool’, it is very unhealthy for the bowel. Basically, it can help prevent cancer. Her sound advice has always stayed with me.

In my book, Tara Tree, Tara is caring for a patient who claims he needs a laxative at medicine time. When she asks why he replies,’ I have a tiny Gandalf at the exit of my rectum screaming, ‘Thou shall not pass.’ Tara cannot help but giggle whilst giving him the laxative.

Our bodies are miraculous, such a complex biological wonder with systems running and cells processing at an unbelievable pace each second. Anyhoo, I’m off to do something that requires a little dance once it is finished.

All the best

Stay fab