Stand Up vs Therapy Part One ( of Two)

Over the last six months, I have asked myself why I enjoy doing Stand Up Comedy. It seems insane to want to get up in front of a room full of strangers and want to make them laugh.

I get stage fright, sometimes forget my set (but wing it anyway), and get palpitations, but when I make the audience laugh it is all worthwhile. It is like comedic cocaine, the buzz is incredible (and I am not just talking about my dog, Buzz).

My fellow comics are such a decent gang to hang out with. In a sense, I feel I have found my vibe and tribe. How feckin corny is that last statement…….

As an aside, next month I will attend The Cats Laughs Festival in Kilkenny and they are celebrating a 30th anniversary. Who knew? We Irish really are a hardy bunch of funny folks.

My favourite Irish comedians are Tommy Tiernan, Eleanor Tiernan, Joanne McNally, Neil Delamare, Dave McSavage, Foil Arms and Hog, The Dirt Birds and Barbara Scully.

Internationally my favourites are Jimmy Carr, Catherine Ryan, Tom Stade, Kevin Bridges, Bill Burr, Nikky Glaser who brought the house down at Tom Brady’s Roast.

Here is the link

Nikki Glaser The Roast of Tom Brady

Over thirty people sign up at The Cheeky Monkey Open Mic in The International Bar. One week they had over forty willing comedians but did not have enough time for everyone.

Come down if you fancy a free laugh

All the best

Stay fab