Yellow lines Part three (of three)

I can say that the yellow lines have remained in place for more than a month now. However, I am pretty sure that the saga has far from ended. Many of the swimmers that swim at Low Rock are elderly and need to park close by. Some have cancer, some have multiple sclerosis and getting into the sea is the only relief they can get from their disease.

I sing my adapted version of the Wizard of Oz to myself when I see them now.

Follow the yellow double line, follow the yellow double line, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow double line.

We’re off to see the county council, The wonderful wizard of Low Rock.

The story below is just as unbelievable as this one.

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If you head over to this street in Cambridgeshire, you’ll find the birthplace of Britain’s tiniest double yellow lines. If you’re stupid enough to park on them, you’ll be slapped with a ridiculous £70 fine. So why the stupidly small lines? Cambridge County Council has painted 13 inches of yellow on the tarmac to stop drivers from encroaching on the bays either side. Forgive us for asking the obvious question, but isn’t that what the white lines at the end of each bay are for in the first place?

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