Tech Tock

Tech Tock

Tech Tock, Tech Tock,
Let the world see how I spend my clock.
A restless QWERTY board rattles the most
The stage is set
Internet, the host.

Friendship quotients are all the rage.
Let the world see how I gild my cyber cage.
Ego manifest.
Engulfed with pride.
Showing only my best.

Too many friends, too little time.
Endless pursuance of the sublime.
The negative, I eschew.
The positive, I pursue.

What is this delusion?
My guilty pleasure of cyber seclusion.
Celebrating, judging, reassuring, envying.
In my quiet corner, my soul will not sing.

The global web based opera.
Constricting, Dilating, my viscera.
Self-doubt propagating.
Nature is around me, living is waiting

I choose to observe, I don’t have the nerve
To partake? Am too much of a flake.
Friends live abroad, family too.
I relish their updates and my regular review.

It has become surreal.
Too much info, what to feel?
Sucked into the vortex.
More time gone and I am vexed.

Is the Alchemy of friendship
buried in a chip?
Is my endless quest for approval
Sequestered in being hip?

Is this my truest life?
I know it brings more joy than strife.
I continue to seek the balance.
As I allow it to enhance.

I choose to not allow it to lead me astray.
Not burgle my time, or dominate my play.
Tech Tock,Tech Tock
I control my clock.

By Adele Leahy