Bad Hair Day

I was really excited at the prospect of a haircut a few weeks ago as it was long overdue. The girl who cuts my hair is lovely and we have great chats. I had the utmost of faith in her as usual and between chats I was reading a book on my phone. The normal style I go for is a curly bob. When she was finished, I looked up with glee only to discover that she had given me a straight bob.

I looked like Javier Barden from the movie ’No Country for Old Men’.    Hopefully without the manic psycho killer menacing vibes. I was crestfallen.     She said she wanted to give me a different look post lockdown. I felt I looked like I needed to be locked up. In the well-known Irish fashion, I smiled and said that I liked it.

I know I need to work on assertion and boundaries but on this occasion, I did not have the wherewithal to ask her to fix it.  I was glad I had brought my new bobble hat. It has quite a large bobble on it and depending on my mood I can feel self-conscious and not wear it as I am quite tall.

On a slow day I have entertained the idea of a bobble hat comedy sketch where a group of people meeting one another in a park keep seeing the bobbles on people they pass by keep getting bigger until one person has a bobble the size of their head. I might add that this notion occurred on a very slow day indeed.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.