2021 First quarter Top 20 best blogs Part 2



The above ‘Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody ‘video has absolutely nothing to do with this blog.   I just found it and it made me chuckle.  The Muppets always do.   They just can’t help themselves.

Below are my first quarter best blogs of 2021 Part 2. Enjoy.


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  1. Zoom Narcolepsy meeting



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2021 First quarter Top 20 best blogs Part 1

The Muppets Swedish Chef-Popcorn


The above ‘Swedish Chef Popcorn’ video has absolutely nothing to do with this blog .I just found it and it made me chuckle.   The Muppets always do.  They just can’t help themselves.

Below are my favorite blogs of the first quarter of 2021. Enjoy.

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Prince Philip RIP

I have always been a fan of the royal family.    And my heart goes out to Queen Elizabeth.  There are very few marriages that survive 73 years .   Particularly when they are the world’s most famous monarchy with relentless press attention. All of the condolences and stories shared are heart-warming.    My favorite story is where Prince Philip appeared to have an uncanny knack for spotting a person in a room with the most woeful of hangovers.    He would approach them like an exocet seeking missile and enjoyed watching them wilt as he attempted to engage them in conversation.

He was quite famous for his gaffs over the years as he was not without his flaws.    Then again, who is?    I must profess to being less than perfect myself. Although I am rather passionate about racial and gender equality.


He will also be missed for being the longest serving royal consort in British history.      I appreciate that Royalty are a symbol and are not appreciated by a great majority.    Kings, Queens, Prince’s and Princess’s populated my childhood bedtime stories.   They are part of legend and mythology. Like our famous Irish King – ‘Brian Boru’.     Losing a loved one is hard for any family.   It is a sad day as we have lost a great Monarch.  May Prince Philip rest in peace.


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Neighbourhood watch

GFC ( Giggle free content)

Sesame street –Mad song


Today myself and my swimming chums were accosted by an angry neighbor regarding where we parked. The above Muppets video might best describe our reaction to the event.

Swimming at lower rock in ( Portmarnock) has become increasingly popular as has the number of cars seeking parking spaces.   As mentioned in a previous blog the car parking ticket officers are having a field day for any infractions such as having 2 inches of your tyre parked on the pavement.

I can appreciate the frustration that the neighbors are experiencing.   However the manner in which this particular neighbors protestations were delivered was rather ungracious.   There was no reasoning with him.    Myself and my two friends have all had business dealings with him in the past and his reputation precedes him.

We acquiesced to his demands and have now collectively decided to no longer park there and face his wrath.    Even though there are public spaces available. WPA-Woeful puns alert.    We will not allow him to drive us to distraction.    All he did was fueled our fervor for our swim.    We were beautifully exhausted after our dip in the sea.    Afterwards we told jokes and had great gas.   The whole event was quite tiring and we bade each other farewell.


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Just Desserts


Lately I have been baking and my sweets of choice are ‘Black Bean Brownies’.    Made with kidney beans instead of black beans.    Following several attempts I believe that I have finally succeeded in baking a rather satisfactory batch.   This has been verified by a few friends.    As well as tasting yummy they are exceedingly healthy.    Crumbs I do sound like Mr. Kipling.    WPA- Woeful puns alerts- the following text may contain cringe worthy baking puns.   No apologies as this is how I roll.

As with any baking, all you knead is love.     And there is almost a guarantee that everything will turn out fine.     I said almost.     Whilst baking my brownies yesterday .    Buzz and Finn were gazing at me in the kitchen ( my two little Morkie dogs, if you are new to my site )    with their dough eyes looking for treats as they were being particularly good.    As I tossed them some treats I managed to spill the opened bags of chocolate chips all over the floor.     Buzz and Finn went mental scrambling for choccie chips.     I managed to grab hold of both of them and move them into the sitting room whilst I tidied up.    As chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs I was very anxious but thankfully they did not eat any.

Kidney beans are very high in fibre and as I found out later they make you fart rather a lot.    Whilst leaving the beach with my friends today I let one rip (as I had a brownie before our swim).    I was rather shocked with the ferocity of the fart and said ‘I think I know why they are called brownies……..’.   Thank goodness it wasn’t more than a fart but it was close.


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The art of strolling

Today I decided to perambulate with my dogs.   I thought of going for a stroll.  Then a saunter.   And finally settled on perambulate.  I was reminded of the many beautiful words for the simple act of walking.   I can amble and ramble, and saunter and stroll. I was inspired to write the following.    Please excuse me whilst  I get all poetic……..




I may amble or ramble

Perhaps saunter and stroll

What is my mood am I feeling bold?

I may tramp or tred

Perhaps trudge or meander

Am I too hard on myself for committing a blunder?

I may promenade and roam

Walk. Take a tour

Feel alive, invigorated, self-assured

I may wander or plod,

Perhaps stride, even trek

I shall count my blessings with every step


I cleverly decided to steer clear of moon walking.


Or sashaying for that matter.   I completely forgot about sashaying.    The greatest example of this has to be John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.   Now there is a man that knows how to sashay.


I do not think my neighborhood is quite ready for it yet. Moon walking that is. Perhaps if I can convince some of them to partake in a flash mob?    Now there’s an idea.   Excuse me whilst I pat myself on the back vigorously. And then saunter off for a sashay.


That’s all for now


Stay fab



Dancing the day away


Yesterday I took a fit of dancing whilst I was cleaning my apartment.   I had forgotten how spontaneous boogying can invigorate the soul.    A few years ago I attended a fabulous wellness day held by Alison Canavan where she extolled the virtues of a home ‘Daily disco’.    I remember being impressed with the suggestion at the time and vowing to establish this daily discipline.  Of course I forgot about it.    Until yesterday.

I then decided that today was to be a song and dance day.   Think ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ the ‘Sound of Music ‘or ‘Oliver’.  My 3 favorite musicals.   Whilst writing I had all of my favorite musicals playing on YouTube on my TV.     Every now and then I would get up and dance and enjoy a singalong.

Buzz and Finn were looking at me like I had gone loopy loo.    They weren’t far off the mark.   Eventually they joined in by wagging their tails and doing their Meerkat impersonations to try and dance and get in on all of the excitement.

Whilst out walking them later on I considered doing the moon walk around my local park instead of the dances to the musicals.   It was just a thought.   It did however bring a smile to my face.   I began to imagine the looks I would get moon walking my dogs around my neighborhood.


That’s all for now


Stay fab



Clean freaks


‘You can get a woman to do anything if you say – at the end of asking her – wit yo fine ass ‘.  What a line, it cracks me up.    The comedian ‘Lachlan Patterson’ at his very best discussing his ‘clean freak’ girlfriend.

During my childhood I was guilty of asking my brother to wash up the washing up liquid bottle.      In my defense it was covered in washing up liquid solidified gunk.     I remember him telling me repeatedly what a ridiculous request it was.

I am by no means a ‘clean freak’.    I can be untidy at times but within a day or so I will need to return order to my home.    Thank God neither Buzz nor Finn moult.    I really couldn’t deal with dog hairs everywhere.    I would end up resembling Chewbacca if I sat on the couch.

Eco cleaning appears to be the new thing.    Apparently a lemon and vinegar will clean almost anything in your home.    Who knew? I had entirely limited their use to delicious seasoning on fish and chips. I do however need to clean my patio and beneath the table and chairs which have been covered for winter.     I am afraid of what I might find?     A family of squirrels playing snooker?     Or some mice playing darts?    Perhaps a fox on his iPad watching funny animal videos?


That’s all for now


Stay fab



Growing old disgracefully


I love this video. The comedian ‘Lachlan Patterson’ eloquently transports us to the future to see what todays twenty something year olds will be like as pensioners.   It may seem that social media and cyberspace may somehow stunt our real life experiences. Who knew?

Growing old is an inevitability for most of us that will have the luck and grace to enter the winter of our years.   I have every intention of growing old disgracefully. Why not?   Convention and anything resembling a regimental lifestyle suck anyway.  I have always subscribed to  antidisestablishmentarianism.     But to be honest only because it took me years to be able to spell it.   My subscription has – until now- been limited to spelling it.    However I fully intend to begin living on the edge any day soon.   Once lock down is over.

Who knows I may join a circus and become the ‘Zimmer Queen’?   Conducting outrageous acrobatics using my Zimmer frame.    I may become a DJ ?   I wouldn’t be the first.   Apparently octogenarian DJ’s were all the rage pre Covid.    The ‘80’ would be my set list   (excuse the pun)  and some remixed Hans Zimmer…..OK, I will stop now with the woeful puns.   I have no intention of becoming a grumpy belligerent ‘hardly able’.     Where I complain constantly that I am ‘hardly able ‘ to do this, or that.


That’s all for now

Stay fab


Irish Lock down release


When I heard that April 26th would be the day that golf could be played I was thrilled.    Then I remembered that I do not play golf.     When I heard that tennis would also recommence on April 26th I was over the feckin moon.   Then I remembered that I don’t play tennis .    I wonder when discus throwing, the javelin or curling will be re-introduced?    As I don’t play them either.

I must stop writing and walk my dogs.    Oh, I don’t………..No, I actually do have two little dogs.    Buzz and Finn are the real rock stars of this blog.   I adore walking them on the beach .   At least April 12th will allow us to travel within our county without fear of the Gardai or tickets.

Myself and my two swimming buddies all got tickets a few days ago. Apparently we were parked on the path.   But there was no double yellow line.  We had our lovely swim and then as we were driving home we all noticed the ticket flapping like an evil piece of parking confetti beneath our wipers.    I must admit that I wished bedbugs upon the person who wrote us our tickets.

The ‘I want to break free’ song from Queen has been playing in my mind for some time now.    Bring it on.    Enjoy the doggie escape video it is quite unbelievable.


That’s all for now


Stay fab