Stand Up vs Therapy Part Two (of Two)

There are so many comedy clubs in Dublin for any budding Stand-Up Comedians. A friend recommended the


which is also a great source.

Here are some events I have heard of over the last six months

  1. The Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club (On Facebook) – This is the only one where you sign up on the night. Be there at 18.30 on a Monday night as the slots fill up very quickly. Unlike my own. Rude joke there, could not help it….
  2. The Artane Comedy Club – I was born in Artane, so this one is close to my heart.
  3. Sin E – Fusion. The last Wednesday of the month features Funny Women
  4. Board Alcohol-free bar – Tuesday evenings in Harold’s Cross
  5. Bar Rua – Thursday
  6. Ha’penny Bridge Comedy Club
  7. N20 Comedy Club
  8. WRGriot

Here is some powerful giggle therapy by one of the best.

21 minutes of stand-up vs therapy comedy

Bill Burr, Sebastian Maniscalco, and more on Stand-up vs Therapy | Netflix


Many comedians use stand-up as a form of therapy, which does sound bizarre but the performance and post-performance buzz is unreal.

Talking about your problems to a room full of strangers is the ultimate group therapy. If you can bare your mental health issues on stage what else can you achieve?

Bill Burr readily admits that his stand-up is a form of therapy. Vogue and Joanne McNally are incredibly successful with their Podcast, My Therapist Ghosted Me, which is now a sold-out tour all over the world.

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Stand Up vs Therapy Part One ( of Two)

Over the last six months, I have asked myself why I enjoy doing Stand Up Comedy. It seems insane to want to get up in front of a room full of strangers and want to make them laugh.

I get stage fright, sometimes forget my set (but wing it anyway), and get palpitations, but when I make the audience laugh it is all worthwhile. It is like comedic cocaine, the buzz is incredible (and I am not just talking about my dog, Buzz).

My fellow comics are such a decent gang to hang out with. In a sense, I feel I have found my vibe and tribe. How feckin corny is that last statement…….

As an aside, next month I will attend The Cats Laughs Festival in Kilkenny and they are celebrating a 30th anniversary. Who knew? We Irish really are a hardy bunch of funny folks.

My favourite Irish comedians are Tommy Tiernan, Eleanor Tiernan, Joanne McNally, Neil Delamare, Dave McSavage, Foil Arms and Hog, The Dirt Birds and Barbara Scully.

Internationally my favourites are Jimmy Carr, Catherine Ryan, Tom Stade, Kevin Bridges, Bill Burr, Nikky Glaser who brought the house down at Tom Brady’s Roast.

Here is the link

Nikki Glaser The Roast of Tom Brady

Over thirty people sign up at The Cheeky Monkey Open Mic in The International Bar. One week they had over forty willing comedians but did not have enough time for everyone.

Come down if you fancy a free laugh

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500th Blog and Biden’s Fart


I think it is fitting that in honour of my favourite and most popular poem- Kim Kardashian’s Arse,  I honour my 500th blog with this one.

It is ribald, and bawdy.  Just my style. A friend of mine says that I am all about the ass, and I suppose she is right. Somebody sent me the video of Biden farting and I felt he needed my support considering the opposition that he is running against.

Imagine if Trump married Stormy Daniels, she would be Stormy Trump. Sorry, not sorry.

Biden’s Fart Video



Biden’s Fart

He let one rip

On a diplomatic trip

The crowd were gathered

And their eyes watered

Some had chemical burns to their lungs

As they clenched their bums

Maybe his trump was a salute to Donald

And how he should be honoured

In that Biden farts in his general direction

At his criminal intent for reelection

His time in office and relentless corruption

With thirty-four criminal charges, an impressive selection

So, Biden farted, it shows he is human

A flawed, and farty political specimen

Maybe the salute was going too far

It was somewhat bizarre

But a farty President is better than a crook Who has broken every law in the book

As long as he didn’t follow through

We have all done it. Haven’t you?



By Adele Leahy

Bealtaine and Shamanic Journeying

I had the pleasure of attending my first Shamanic Journeying event hosted by a dear friend @nicolaclare11, to celebrate Bealtaine. It was a really powerful shared experience with a group of like-minded souls. Exploring the world of shamanic journeying led to some unexpected moments for me.


  1. Unexpected Power Animals – AARDVARK – This animal greeted me by the well, in my mind, as he dined delightfully on dandelions. Walking through fields to a well was part of the visualisation. I love Aardvarks, primarily the word, as where I live in Dublin they are few and far between. Perhaps the fact that it is the first word in the English Dictionary also appeals to me besides the fact that I think it is a very silly and lovely word.


  1. First-Time Surprises: As I was walking towards the well. I walked in Aardvark poo. The meaning and relevance of this is beyond me but years ago I recall investigating a poo dream to discover that it is a prophecy for good fortune.


  1. The Art of Letting Go – Part of the Shamanic Journeying was to imagine myself as a child. This was thoroughly enjoyable as I recall a butterfly tickling my nose while walking through the Botanic Gardens.


  1. Strange Yet Insightful Journeys: Shamanic journeying often involves vivid and unexpected adventures. The Aardvark told me to let go of the imposter syndrome holding me back with my writing. He said rejections were stepping stones to perfecting my art and that I could imagine myself as an Armadillo with a hard shell whenever I get rejections. I loved this suggestion. Here is to my success. Yay.
  2. The fact that the word Armadillo can also be easily transformed into the word Armadildo also makes me smile. Rather a lot to be honest. But that’s just my filthy mind.

All the best

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