Silly Tuesday

Today I have decided to be silly. And the Godfathers of silliness are The Monty Python team.

One of their best sketches must be The Ministry of Silly Walks. With John Cleese at his very very best. I learnt recently that they are doing another series of Fawlty Towers which should, hopefully, be a treat. Although, sometimes I feel certain classics are best left alone. John is said to team up with his daughter, Camilla Cleese, as they will both write and star in the comedy.

I have mentioned these clips before in honour of being silly but today I figure that they merit mentioning again to justify my longing for silliness.

The Ministry of Silly Walks

The Silly Olympics tickles me also

Monty Python-Would you like to buy an argument?

And Philosophy football

In honor of the genius of Monty Python, I pledge to carry out the following acts of silliness today

  1. To complete a full grocery shop performing the silly walk intermittently.
  2. Try and engage a friend in a -Would you like to buy an argument, debate.
  3. To ask the person in a petrol station whilst paying for petrol if they sell squirrels.

If you can think of any more, please let me know as I am hoping to dedicate one day a month to being very silly indeed.


All the best

Stay fab


 Camel Botox

In 2021, forty animals were disqualified from Saudi Arabia’s annual camel beauty contest because they had Botox. Two things are wrong with this sentence: one is a camel beauty contest, and two, forty had Botox. They also inflate other parts of the camel’s body using elastic bands. The mind boggles. Prize money of 49 million was up for grabs. Who knew? And do the owners of the losers get the hump? I couldn’t resist; it was too obvious.

Judges at the festival, hosted in the desert northeast of the capital Riyadh, said they are using ‘specialised and advanced’ technology to detect nip and tuck this year. This is baffling. I would give anything to know exactly what this technology is.

What’s next, horses with lip filler? Lash extensions? Alpacas with hair transplants to give them a better-looking mullet? I am just showing off now as I recently learnt that the main difference between an alpaca and a llama is that an alpaca has a mullet, and a llama does not.

Maybe we have missed out here in Ireland on the prospect of a cow beauty competition. It could be udderly amoosing. And again, who knew, I have just learnt from Google that these occur in Russia.

All the best

Stay fab


St. Patrick’s Day 2023

The Chicago River and the fountain in the Whitehouse

I love that over the years, famous iconic structures and places have been green-lit in honour of St.Patrick’s Day. It began in Sydney in 2010 and was known as the Global Greening marketing campaign, which cost 40,000 euros at the time. Tourism Ireland wished to mark the 200 years since the governor Lachlan Macquarie celebrated the Irish in Sydney.

In Brazil, Archibishop Dom Orani Joao Tempesta green-lit Christ the Redeemer in thanks to the good work the Irish missionaries have done in the city over the years. The Irish have a very strong presence in Dubai, as many of the captains of industry are Irish. The CEO of the Jumeirah Group, which owns the Burj Al Arab, is from Galway and has green-lit the beautiful building every year.

St.Patrick’s Trust in Cape Town, South Africa, were honoured for the many homes they built in South Africa by green lighting Table Mountain.

This year the campaign ends due to the energy crisis but we have many years and beautiful photos to look back on.

The following are some of the major structures that have been green-lit.

  1. The Colosseum
  2. Rio-Christ The Redeemer
  3. Burj Al Arab
  4. The Empire State Building
  5. The Sydney Opera House
  6. Disneyland Castle in Shanghai, China
  7. Windmill in Weert, the Netherlands
  8. The leaning tower of Pisa
  9. The London Eye
  10. Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff also mark the occasion.

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.

Stay fab




I get goosebumps when I listen to my favourite song or hear a new song I adore. It is such a great word, and I felt compelled to research its origin. They’re called goosebumps because, when you have them, your skin looks like the skin of a goose or a chicken whose feathers have been plucked out. So, if you want, you could call them chicken bumps, too

And, of course, the next natural question that entered my pretty head was- And what do geese or chickens get when excited?  On the famous Irish Late Late Show on St. Patrick’s Day,2023, they featured an egg laid by a chicken that was twice the size of any regular egg. Imagine the excitement of that chicken? Or/ and the pain? He must still have a wonky walk, the poor thing.

When my nieces were young, their description of this was – fizzy hands or fizzy feet, which I love and still use to this day.

It is said that only certain types of people, such as empaths, experience goosebumps more frequently than others, but I do not believe this. As humans, whenever we have the grace of experiencing moments of awe, we get goosebumps. I think it is intrinsically linked to our spirit and frequency, which both create this magical physical experience.

Let me know what you think.


All the best

Stay fab


Poem Meet me at the breakers





Meet me at the breakers

Meet me at the breakers and we shall share a salty kiss.

Cresting hands of ocean waves will add to our glorious mood.

Irelands Eye shall wink at us as we exalt in our bliss.

Our dogs playing amidst sand ribs, seaweed and driftwood.




You find an oyster shell that resembles an angel’s wing.

You tell me I am the pearl that you were always searching for.

I later find a similar shell as we embrace and then we sing

In the arms of an angel as our hearts soar.




You shall swaddle me in my robe after our daring icy swim.

Our skin tingling, we embrace and do our post-swim wiggle.

Dancing back to the dunes to get shelter from the wind.

The dogs fighting over razor clams will give us a fit of the giggles.




We shall hide amidst the seagrass in the dunes of Malahide.

And debate about the bridge to Donabate.

You shall kiss my hand and ask me to be your bride.

It has only been three months but we know we are soulmates.




The Lego cruise ship on the horizon shall make us plan our honeymoon.

As we dream of our impending travels and adventures.

Our music festival-style wedding will never come too soon.

As we playfully argue over the set list, of our first dance, we are sure.




The giant fire pit and Shalimar will make it a night to remember.

The bodhran, harmonica and fiddle players will play The Fields of Athenry.

Lying entwined beneath our blanket and the burning embers

Counting our blessings and never daring to ask why.




I know that you are out there and that someday we shall meet.

I have faith in the universe and the love that I deserve.

I can see every moment and feel every heartbeat.

A long lifetime of love will be our glorious preserve.


Adele Leahy