Cliché Queen Part 1

Today I am The Cliché Queen. However, as a young girl I was allergic to clichés. I wanted to be different.   Clichés were never going to apply to me.  Being unconventional was my goal.  Thinking and doing new things was what I believed defined me.

The irony of my thinking was that I was a pure stereotype of a young girl.  However now that I am older and hopefully a little bit wiser not a day goes by when a cliché has not helped in designing my day.


These are some of my favorites


  1. One day at a time– Also a famous country and western song by Dolly Parton.   Don’t get me started on my dislike for country and Western.   This cliché is my fav. It works.  Even every day.


  1. The best things in life are free– I can definitely attest to this. Sea swimming being the case in point. There is no membership. There is no opening or closing time. There are no changing rooms.

Modesty is always thrown out the window.  When the wind blows and what God has given me is on show to the rest of the swimmers on the beach I don’t care.

I don’t believe that other swimmers care either because for some reason when you come out of the sea you have a whole different perspective on life.  If someone asks ‘How is the craic?’ I can always reply ‘Nicely aired, Thank you’.

Seaze the day. Now there’s a cliché.


That’s all for now


Stay fab