Happy (early) Easter 2024

I am not a massive fan of Easter but I did give up eating trees for Lent. Getting splinters in my gums was dreadfully painful. It had become an awful habit and one that I am glad to say I think I have overcome. However, I am now (BPA- Bad Pun Alert) branching out into other questionable activities. You may say I am (BPA) barking mad, and you would be right. If I can get to the (BPA) root of the issue maybe it (BPA) woodn’t be such an issue. I shall endeavour to (BPA) Spruce up my act Fir my own good.

My latest bad habit is doing squats as I wait for my change when I am paying for something. I do get some funny looks but I ignore them as I know I am building up my squads, or is it quads? When I was filling my car with petrol yesterday, I screamed and said – I won, when the car was filled with petrol. Again, I got some funny looks, but I felt the need to celebrate the activity of filling my car (Who, btw, is called Lolita) and create positivity for the gratitude of being able to drive, have a car, and get petrol.

Maybe I should not give up anything for Lent next year.

Happy (early) Easter 2024

All the best

Stay fab