Happy Winter Solstice 2023

I believe that little people or people of short stature regard this day as the most important day in their year as being short in stature they feel in alignment with the universe and the shortest day of the year. For many, it can resemble Comic Con as they dress up as the seven dwarfs, leprechauns, the munchkins, and the Oompa Loompas,

People who are not genetically little people but are very short in stature all gather for a Short Festival on the grounds of the Kilkenny Festival in Ireland. No one over the age of eighteen can attend and you must be under five feet. They play dare games, by somebody drawing the short straw and attend cookery classes where they perfect their shortbread skills in baking.

I must apologise, and please do not get short with me but everything written above is complete and utter codswallop. However, what is written below is true.

The shortest day of the year is very short indeed. And according to Irish myth, the evenings will now get longer every night by a cock’s step. This means that each evening will be lengthened by two minutes each day or an hour each month. It appears that it has been said in almost every county in Ireland.


Happy Winter Solstice

All the best

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