Poem Soul Blink

As Christy Brown, played by the inimitable Daniel Day-Lewis in the movie My Left Foot, said, ‘This was written during my blue period’. Many of my poems were. I find writing them to be a powerful cathartic experience. Here is one of my favourites.



Soul Blink

My soul blinks.

I forget to see.

I do not breathe.

I do not heed.

I am buried in a moment.

I am seeking my unconscious.

But I do not see.

I can glimpse it.

I am almost there.

It’s reality,

Makes me blindly scared.

I will persist in my ignorance.

My blindness.

My all.

To truly,

Face it,

Is to recognize

The squall.

Ignorance is bliss.

I daily kiss,

My misgivings,

And my shame.

I play the unforgiving

Mind game.

It’s beyond banal.

I profess intelligence.

But in burying my soul,

I am not whole,

Just a shell.

I need to begin to feel well.

As the emptiness pervades,

I am the only one that can save

My sorry soul.

And attempt to feel whole.

For this sadness is not me.

It is not who I want to be.

I am bored with my sad ego.

But I don’t know where to go.

I am better than self-pity.

I am funny, kind and witty.

I will overcome this sadness.

This intermittent madness.

I will face this challenge.

My Everest, my future gladness.

I will somehow realize,

The surprise is me.

The beauty I have within.

The goodness I project.

That tries to have no effect.

On my self-worth.

I am beginning my soul re- birth,

Of my heart and my soul.

Of recognizing

All that I am,

All that I am not,

All that I remember,

All that I forgot,

To exalt my senses,

My mind,

All that is true.

For today.

Thank you


I shall begin again


By Adele Leahy