Stand Up vs Therapy Part Two (of Two)

There are so many comedy clubs in Dublin for any budding Stand-Up Comedians. A friend recommended the


which is also a great source.

Here are some events I have heard of over the last six months

  1. The Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club (On Facebook) – This is the only one where you sign up on the night. Be there at 18.30 on a Monday night as the slots fill up very quickly. Unlike my own. Rude joke there, could not help it….
  2. The Artane Comedy Club – I was born in Artane, so this one is close to my heart.
  3. Sin E – Fusion. The last Wednesday of the month features Funny Women
  4. Board Alcohol-free bar – Tuesday evenings in Harold’s Cross
  5. Bar Rua – Thursday
  6. Ha’penny Bridge Comedy Club
  7. N20 Comedy Club
  8. WRGriot

Here is some powerful giggle therapy by one of the best.

21 minutes of stand-up vs therapy comedy

Bill Burr, Sebastian Maniscalco, and more on Stand-up vs Therapy | Netflix


Many comedians use stand-up as a form of therapy, which does sound bizarre but the performance and post-performance buzz is unreal.

Talking about your problems to a room full of strangers is the ultimate group therapy. If you can bare your mental health issues on stage what else can you achieve?

Bill Burr readily admits that his stand-up is a form of therapy. Vogue and Joanne McNally are incredibly successful with their Podcast, My Therapist Ghosted Me, which is now a sold-out tour all over the world.

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