All dogs are not created equal

I am a bit obsessed with dogs.  My many posts detailing my adventures with Buzz and Finn may have given it away.  I still watch dog videos, read dog books and accost fellow dog walkers to ask about their gorgeous pooches.   I even write godawful pun poems about them.   See end of blog.

Buzz has always loved hiding underneath the quilt on my bed. I recently introduced Finn to the ‘Quilt Club’.  He has now become somewhat of a quilt fiend as he frantically noses around looking for where he can climb beneath the quilt.  He resembles a very cute hog snuffling for truffles.

He disappears for the next 10 minutes or so and then does a SAS like escape to get some air. I have tried keeping some of the quilt open around his little nose.  But he has none of it.  I suppose what he really needs is a dog quilt snorkel.  I will see what I can do and get back to you with an update.



Paws for thought

Paws fur exercising

Paws fur love

Paws fur kisses

Paws fur cuddling

Paws befur eating

Paws befur sleeping

Life is woof

But anything is pawsible with pet love.




Your pet


That’s all for now

Stay fab