Angel Card Reading Part 3 ( 3 of 3 ) Brigid Inner Strength

My last card was ‘Brigid Inner Strength’. It states that there is a powerful force within me and that I have the ability to create wonderful changes in my own life. And that I can inspire those around me to do the same. I need to be aware of new projects, opportunities and fertile ideas that can grow into something larger than I may imagine.

My spiritual fire will grow within.  I did have indigestion last night.  Does that count?  I jest.

Last month I had actually visited ‘St. Brigid’s Well’ in County Clare and had forgotten to mention it in my blog.  It is the most beautiful shrine to St. Brigid built into a cave beneath a graveyard.  When you enter it, the walls are lined with candles and hundreds of memorial cards and mementos of loved ones that have passed.

Apparently, there are over 300 of these Holy Wells throughout Ireland with about 15 devoted to St. Brigid.  Here is a link to the map of Holy Wells in Ireland that somebody told me about over the weekend.

I have been making changes in my life over the last two years which are finally coming to fruition.  Having finished my book and completing my daily blog I feel that my writing career is off to a very good start.

I love this card as it means that my inner strength is growing within. Yippee. I can do with it after all the relationship healing.  I am wrecked. This soul-searching is heavy duty at times.

All the best

Stay fab