Autosuggestion Part Two

Hypnotists use auto-suggestion. Their subliminal suggestions or words, which may appear to be used randomly, are carefully selected to activate the subconscious. That is how they can take power over the mind as they have unlocked the key to our subconscious. We use our imagination all the time to accomplish anything; we see it in our mind’s eye first. From making tea to going to work, to the shops, visiting friends and going on holidays. We see it first as we plan our actions and then complete them. Auto-suggestion is merely using the same technique to accomplish or get something that may seem impossible at the time.

Therefore, I have decided to use auto-suggestion to get an agent and a whopping publishing deal. My world book tour will be a massive success, and film rights will also be signed for Tara Tree, the prequel and the sequel. I am also at the weight and fitness level that I desire to be, and Jason Mamoa has just slid into my DM’s. I am playing hard to get by ignoring him for a few weeks, and when I eventually reply, it transpires that he is here in Dublin doing advertising for Guinness- as it is his favourite drink. I see the pair of us riding a horse and cart down Grafton Street. Oooh, I just love my delusions and my imagination.


All the best

Stay fab