Avocado Testicle

I need to reference this photo as I believe that it is evidence of a severe case of my Punitis. I have been fighting it for some time but I believe with this pun I have reached an all-time low.  Pun therapy has obviously failed and I am now at a loss for how to treat my pun affliction.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I recently discovered that Avocados are named after testicles. This appealed to my base nature hence the need for me to share it with you.  The Aztec’s discovered Avocados in 500 BC and named it ‘Ahuacatl’ which translates into ‘testicle’.

They grow in pairs and perhaps this fact their texture, size and shape inspired the name. Although I must add that if you are a man reading this and your testicles are green that you may want to take a trip to the Doctor.

The Spanish arrived and changed the name to ‘Aguacate’ which did not translate into testicle. Netflix have highlighted the perils of the Avocado industry in South America where it is known as ‘Green Gold’ due to the global demand. Unfortunately, gangs and crime abound where the avocado farms are most plentiful.

The obsession around avocados has resulted in a pop-up Avocado Museum in San Marcos.  And apparently it is a fruit.  Who knew? I am off to make some guacamole.

That’s all for now

Stay fab