Bucket list to Fuckit list


What a year?  Apparently after this year if you have a bucket list it can now be officially called a fuckit list. In adopting this philosophy my list has been amended to include the following.


  1.    ‘Travelling the world’ has now become ‘travelling to the local shop’. And if I manage to not step in dog poop there is a cause for a celebratory cup of tea upon my return. It’s all about the small wins.
  2.    ‘Go white water rafting’ has now become ‘having a bath after a very hot curry’.
  3. ‘Read Dostoyevsky’ has become ‘reading my Viz magazines’ again.
  4. ‘Go Shark cage diving ‘has become ‘wearing a mask outside and washing my hands continuously’.
  5.    ‘Go to an Airport and book a random flight anywhere’ has become ‘Close my eyes and press a button on my remote control whilst in Netflix, and watch whatever I press’.  Also known as ‘Netflix roulette’.  I know. I am soooo living on the edge.
  6.    ‘Learn to fly’ has become ‘Chase a butterfly’.
  7.    ‘Say yes to everything for a day’ has become ‘Yes, I will wash my hands repeatedly and wear my mask, and try to complete a random act of kindness without the person knowing’.

Well. Now. I am off to have a curry and a bath.  It’s never too late to take action.  Afterwards I may play ‘Netflix Roulette’.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.