Camel Botox

In 2021, forty animals were disqualified from Saudi Arabia’s annual camel beauty contest because they had Botox. Two things are wrong with this sentence: one is a camel beauty contest, and two, forty had Botox. They also inflate other parts of the camel’s body using elastic bands. The mind boggles. Prize money of 49 million was up for grabs. Who knew? And do the owners of the losers get the hump? I couldn’t resist; it was too obvious.

Judges at the festival, hosted in the desert northeast of the capital Riyadh, said they are using ‘specialised and advanced’ technology to detect nip and tuck this year. This is baffling. I would give anything to know exactly what this technology is.

What’s next, horses with lip filler? Lash extensions? Alpacas with hair transplants to give them a better-looking mullet? I am just showing off now as I recently learnt that the main difference between an alpaca and a llama is that an alpaca has a mullet, and a llama does not.

Maybe we have missed out here in Ireland on the prospect of a cow beauty competition. It could be udderly amoosing. And again, who knew, I have just learnt from Google that these occur in Russia.

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