Cath Tate Lauren and David Tennant

Catherine Tate and Sarah Millican have to be my favorite comediennes.  I love that David Tennant in this video sends himself up beautifully.

The ‘Nan’,’ Lauren’, ‘I can do that’ and ‘Posh Mum’ videos from The Catherine Tate show never fail to crack me up.  Here is a selection for your viewing. My apologies for sharing some of these for a second time but as they are so good, they merit re posting.    – Catherine Tate ‘Nan’.   – Catherine Tate ‘Lauren’ – Catherine Tate ‘Posh Mum’. – Catherine Tate ‘I can do that’. – Sarah Millican

On occasion when I have found myself in stressful situations, I revert to imagining that I am Nan in the Catherine Tate video. However, I need to exercise some self-control to stop myself from saying ‘You are taking f*ckin liberties’.

There have also been times in my life when a request is made and no one has the answer or the skills to fulfil said request. Such as the time my yoga instructor had an emergency and requested that maybe one of us instruct the class. As a regular   I smiled inwardly and briefly considered saying ( with my hand raised) ‘I can do that ‘before seeing myself in my mind’s eye conducting the class with all the grace of Nelly the Elephant.

Perhaps I shall stick to my writing for now.


That’s all for now

Stay fab