Iggy Pop’s Bird Song



This video received over 6 million views on Twitter.  Iggy Pop has enchanted fans around the world with his fab parrot and great taste in music. When I first saw this, I wished that Iggy would sing his famous song ‘Passenger’ and replace the word ‘Passenger’ with ‘Parattor’.

Here is the fabulous Passenger choon.


A girl can but dream…….

Many that have seen this video went straight to YouTube to listen to Seaford Mods. I was one of them and they are well worth the listen.  If you like your music blue, insensitive and unapologetic these guys are for you.

The following ‘Jolly Fuc*ker’ is especially entertaining. With my first listen to this track, I was instantly jollier.


One of my favorite comments beneath the video was where one guy said that they would be great for children’s parties.

I believe that exotic birds are quite popular in celeb land. As are many other types of exotic and reptilian animals. Apparently, Steven Spielberg, Heidi Fleiss (The famous Madame), The Hoff and Hilary Swank have a penchant for parrots.

If I had one, I would maybe try and train it to say ‘Help, they have turned me into a parrot’, just to see people’s reactions. Or maybe ‘Does my bum look big in these feathers?’.  What do you think? Any suggestions?


That’s all for now

Stay fab