Celebrity Advertisements Part 1 Madonna, Brad and Arnie

Who knew that celebrities enjoy advertising brands in Asian countries? Not me.    And I must say that I was more than a little surprised to see Madonna, Brad Pitt and Arnold Schwarzenegger advertising various wares in all their style and glory.

WPA-Woeful pun alert (I have missed a few appointments for my pun therapy and apologize in advance for the woeful puns to follow regarding celebrities and their fame over the next few days).   Madonna was seriously Getting into the Groove in these particular advertisements.

Justify my love for a brand-Madonna in advertising 1984-2017


(I am mindful of the fact that I indulged in Madonna puns many months ago also. But her repertoire is so extensive I felt obliged to pun shame myself once more)  She obviously felt the need to Express herself outside of her songs.    I am sure that she wanted to Take a Bow after this performance as her style was very much in Vogue.

Brad must have heard of the Legends of the Fall of the finance market and felt the need to advertise finance in Asia as a result.    Although I must add that having the commercial directed by Wes Anderson does add a major cool factor.

Wes Anderson Soft Bank Commercial with Brad Pitt


This advertisement must have been about Seven years after the recession. He is not too bad in it and it does appear that he did at least Troy his very best.

Mr. Schwarzenegger was not to be outdone by his peers and it must be said he did not make a noodle of himself.


Although to this day I am sure he wishes to never have Total Recall of this advertisement.    It would have been much more fun if he Sabotaged the ad and went Commando. Ok, I am now standing away from the puns.

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