Dawn French and Kim Kardashian’s arse Part 1

This has to be a perfect parody of Kim Kardashian’s arse beautifully portrayed by Dawn French. ( Besides my poem of course). Here it is below- just as a reminder. It is my favorite poem.

This photo is of AJ Rochester in her version of Kim’s famous ‘Break the Internet’ magazine front cover.



Kim Kardashian’s Arse

What a sight to behold
She is outrageous, she is bold
She tried to break the Internet
She displayed her finest virtue, took the bet
We all marveled at her rump
I questioned how she took a dump?
The poor girl what must she do ?
When she really needs a poo?
Must take an hour to appear
As it travels out her rear
The mighty chasm it has to negotiate
The porcelain bowl it’s trying to locate
When at last it sees the light
Oh that poor old sorry shite
It must enter the bowl with glee
Then get showered with a wee
Kim’s cleaning saga commences
As the mile of paper dispenses
Can’t leave a trace
As she struggles with the race
She has another hour to clean her rear
To make the skid marks disappear
Mayb she can install an arse  power wash?
Wouldn’t matter how much dosh
As long as her mighty rear was clean
For when a suitor might investigate the scene
Or  for when she next unveils her arse
As surely brown speed stripes would embarrass?
God bless her glorious rear
And her incessant quest for cheer
May her days be filled with glee
But her ass? Please let it be.


That’s all for now

Stay fab