Today Buzz&Finn went to their favorite groomer.   Buzz has been going there since he was a puppy and knows the lady and her children very well.

He has always been an anxious dog and loves to bark at times at passers-by.  However, my groomer did mention that as a puppy he behaved like a therapy dog as he was able to calm down any of the other new dogs that were anxious.  I was thrilled to hear that.

Although coming to think of it a dog that barks intermittently would probably not win therapy dog of the year no matter how cute he is.

Buzz got the actual Buzz cut as did Finn.  Both were modelling their new bandanas as per the front page of my blog.  Buzz’s bandana had foxes on it and Finn’s had little penguins.

The grooming day furry hugs are the best as the lady sprays them with doggie cologne. This time it was fruit flavored. They both smelt like delicious furry peaches. I have to resist letting them off the leads when they are groomed to minimize the risk of Finn doing poo rolling.

Once or twice, there was no point in me running after him as I knew that he was too far gone.   All I could do was stand and watch him having a doggiegasm( yes, I did just make that word up. I enjoy making up new words).

He would do his sniff, drop and roll at least 10 times just to ensure that he was covered in it.  As I would gaze on realizing that a very thorough dog bath would be in order when we got home.


All the best

Stay Fab