Earth Day Part One

Sean Lock on Climate Change – The first eight minutes are not climate-related but are still hilarious.


Earth Day 2024 is here! That special day when we all pause to appreciate our home planet and pretend we’re going to change our ways for more than 24 hours. It’s the eco-friendly equivalent of New Year’s resolutions, complete with grand promises and the inevitable return to bad habits as soon as the clock strikes midnight. But this year, Earth Day has a fresh twist: it’s all about eco-memes. That’s right, we’re saving the planet one laugh at a time. Because if laughter is the best medicine, maybe it can heal our ailing planet too.

In the spirit of 2024, Earth Day activities have gone digital and delightfully ridiculous. Schools are abuzz with kids showing off their recycling skills like they’re auditioning for an eco-friendly version of “America’s Got Talent.” The latest craze? Competitive composting. Little Timmy from down the street just turned banana peels into compost gold and has the TikTok followers to prove it. Plastic straws are so 2023. Now it’s all about reusable straws that double as fashion accessories. Who knew you could save the planet and look fabulous doing it?

Of course, adults are getting in on the fun too. This year’s Earth Day has more green-themed events than you can shake a sustainably sourced stick at. Local coffee shops are introducing a “Treepresso”—for every cup you buy, they plant a tree. Sure, it costs an extra dollar, but think of the Instagram likes. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter. “Oh, this latte? It’s saving the rainforest, one frothy sip at a time.”

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