Gorillas pranking humans


I forgot about this video and how intelligent and cute gorillas can be. My forgetfulness reminded me of driving my car yesterday wondering where I had put my phone. Whilst simultaneously looking at it, Google Maps guided me to where I was going.

It was a thought-provoking moment.  My forgetfulness was not what bothered me at the time.  More so the fact that my phone has become such an integral part of me that I can fail to differentiate at times whether I have lost it or not.    Figuratively as well as literally.

I than began to think of the fact that my phone is called an ‘Android’. Was I the Android or the phone?   Who was guiding who at times?    It was all way too much thinking for me as my brain began to hurt.    It did, however, inspire me to write a short story for a competition that I am planning to enter.

Lately I have entered quite a few such competitions just to keep my writing juices flowing. One of the competitions reminds me of when I did drama and elocution as a child.

We often did improvisations and this was always my favorite part of the class.    The writing competition used the same concept with a time limit.   We had 48 hours to write on a genre, location and object of their choosing. If successful there are two more rounds.  Wish me luck.

Sorry for the bum note but looking back on this video now makes me sad to see these beautiful animals in captivity.

All the best

Stay fab