Wokeness -the sister lake of Loch Ness

I must admit I had to check the dictionary to remind myself of the correct meaning of ‘wokeness’ as I needed to calibrate exactly how woke I am today.

When I first heard the word, I thought that maybe it was a lake close to Loch Ness, just down the road from Puffiness (Where Puff The Magic Dragon lives) . Having enlightened myself I like to think that I am woke.   At least I was when the alarm clock went off this morning. I jest.

However just when I think that I can qualify as being woke I realize how easy it can be to offend nowadays and how I can be taken down by cancel culture.  It is hard sometimes to keep up on the correct terms required for new social norms.

Certain celebrities are now being ostracized for having made hateful racist comments back in the 90’s which is fair as being racist then is no different to being racist now. That is one word that will never lose its meaning.

I heard recently that certain old movies are being cancelled also.  Such as ‘Gone with the wind’ as it sentimentalizes slavery.   Which it does.  I completely agree. And it is wrong.

Regardless of the fact that Hattie McDaniel won the best supporting actress.  Reports note that she was not allowed to sit with the rest of the Hollywood elite due to her color.  However, it will not deter me from watching it again as I love it.

The list of banned/questionable movies is increasing daily.   ‘Dumbo’, ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Aladdin’ all required the following warning statement in 2019 ‘may contain outdated cultural depictions’.

Times are changing. We are all changing but it is impossible to re write history.  We will forever require it as a reference to see how far we have come. I am off to indulge in some dreaminess following this post swiftly followed by some laziness.

All the best

Stay fab