Happy Halloween 2023


Tonight, the spirits come alive,

And the ghouls begin to thrive.

The zombies roam with zeal.

As children and adults scream.

A knock on your bedroom door,

A monster desperate for gore

And then another, this time a thud

A vampire to suck your blood

Will your soul go to a ghoul?

Will you become vicious and cruel?

Will you relish in the gore?

The horror and the folklore?

As your blood curdles.

Your Spirit unfurls

A werewolf will tear you apart.

And cease your beating heart.

A fog will envelop your mind.

What you then see, you will wish you were blind.

The Mummies come undone.

As every possible victim runs.

The Grim Reaper is on a mission.

As you have lacked contrition.

Witches fly around on brooms.

Lock your bedroom door soon.

There may be a monster beneath your bed.

Or a man under his arm, carrying his head.

Frankenstein will fill you with fear.

A safe haven will never be near.

Behave and beware.

They are out to get you.

They do not care.

All the best

Stay fab