Heebie Jeebies Part 2 Part 2 of 3

My next weird event occurred when I visited a friend’s house- for the first time- in Wicklow. We had worked together and had not seen one another for 2 years.  I was excited to meet her, see her lovely home and meet her gorgeous dog.

I was greeted with a very welcome big hug.  Buzz and Finn bonded immediately with ‘Jess’ her beautiful black Labrador.   As I walked into the hallway a carbon monoxide alarm that was stuck to the ceiling came crashing down.   Both of us-as well as the dogs- got an awful shock.

I felt that it was time to confess to my friend about the flower basket falling whilst I was walking Buzz and Finn. The subject of using ‘sage’ to cleanse a house of unsettled spirits came up came up and I asked her if she had any.   To my relief she told me that she had.

We had a giggle over the fact that I was not the ideal house guest.   I could imagine myself being in her position .Any guest arriving, that would cause things to break which would then require a mini exorcism of a home is not the best.

Perhaps commissioning a priest to travel with me for when I visit people’s homes would be an option? I jest.  But if you have any similar weird stories please share.

All the best

Stay Fab