Welcome to my whimsy


This is it.  For me  .My first blog.  The beginning of the realization of my career in writing.  Procrastination is no longer an option.    I am finally taking a leap of faith in believing that I can make you feel glad that you stopped by for a while.
Being Irish, if I could make you a cup of tea,I would.   I intend to offer you a similar feeling by making you smile whilst you read my writing.

My two Morkie dogs ‘Buzz’ and ‘Finn’ will feature frequently as they offer me my daily dose of joy whilst walking in nearby Malahide Castle or the beautiful Portmarnock beach.  They are both extremely friendly.   Embarrassingly so.  They must crane their necks, stall and whine whenever they see another person walking their dog, even if they are 200 yards away.   I am constantly apologizing for their fervor and zeal.

Whilst walking on the beach yesterday Buzz ate a starfish  .   I ran after him as I was worried it would make him ill, as he has a very sensitive tum.  Apparently there was no need to worry.  He was grand  .

Today whilst walking in the park, he did a poo.    I was half hoping that it would be starfish shaped, but alas, no.  He is talented, but not that good.    He does a mean meerkat impersonation.  Standing on his back legs for almost three minutes whilst he is waiting for another dog walker that is 200 yards away to come closer and say ‘Hi’.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.