Ingenious birthday presents

Last week I had occasion to call someone on their birthday to give them my well wishes. She mentioned that someone had adopted a donkey from a donkey sanctuary for her birthday. This is where the funds will be deployed to care for a donkey somewhere with the guarantee that my friend will receive paperwork twice a year informing her of the welfare of said donkey. Well, she has always said that she wanted a bigger ass…. Be careful what you wish for.

She wasn’t overly enamored by the gift. Having in the past failed to voice her passion and concern for the plight of the donkey. We shared a certain degree of cynicism around these ‘Adopt a …………… (Insert any animal here, normally lions, and leopards) Whilst it is an ingenious strategy for gathering much needed funds for the plight of these animals.  It is not always met with much fervor.

We got a bit carried away with our mirth.  I suggested adopting a South Australian cricket.  My friend added that maybe pigeons and alpacas need adoption.  From there we went onto ferrets, dragons and goats.  Whereupon further research it transpired that these animals (fictitious or not) are actually available for adoption.

What next? Adopt a Unicorn? A reindeer? A leprechaun? Begorrah and bejaysus what is the world coming to? I’m off to adopt a spider, a fly and a butterfly.

That’s all for now

Stay fab