Give Peas a chance

I have the pleasure of sea swimming with two fabulous sea warriors, ’Dot’ and ‘Sandie’. Our WhatsApp swimming group ‘Sweet peas’ has been named by Sandie. Hence the above pun ’Give peas a chance’ from the John Lennon song ‘Give Peace a chance’.

Dot is a stalwart; it is her second-year swimming. She knows almost everyone down at Low Rock.  (WPA- Woeful pun alert) .  Dot is the rock star. We are merely groupies.

Myself and Sandie have been winter sea swimming virgins and we are glad to say that we have just swam our first winter in the sea.  Were it not for Sandie introducing me to Dot I would not have the fabulous memories that I have since last summer.

It seems that half of Ireland is swimming in the sea. There is feck all else to do in lockdown.   The ‘Surf war ‘continues.     I wrote a blog some time ago to discuss the ongoing ‘Surf war Dry Robe’ debate.

Once we finish our swim and get dressed, we sit in our chairs and drink our tea. You’d swear it was something much stronger with the carryon of us. We are swaddled in our swimming robes and the craic and a giggleathon invariably ensues.

Being by the sea is such a soul nourishing exercise. Occasionally Buzz and Finn join us. Today we had ringside seats at the CSW, aka ‘Canine Sand Wrestling’ Olympic event. The two pooches were giving it some welly as they pounced and wrestled one another into the sand.

I cannot begin to say how much being by the sea, in the sea and having Dot and Sandie to share laughs with post splash means to me. It is true what they say,’ The best things in life are free’. Sea, wonderful friends and Buzz and Finn. What more could a gal wish for?


That’s all for now

Stay fab