Irish Sayings Part 2 ( Part 2 of 3)

Continuing on from yesterday. The Irish have a gift for putting you in your place if your behavior is not up to par.  ‘The sea wouldn’t give him a wave’ describes a person that has notions of himself/herself.     Or the wonderful phrase ‘He/she is a dryshite’ refers to somebody who is allergic to having fun.

If you are lucky enough to be called either a ‘Gombeen, Sap and Eejit’ enjoy it as they are all terms of endearment. This conclusion may well have been reached if said person is able to take a ‘Slagging’ (affectionate ridicule),

‘A face like a smacked arse’ is slur for a person that looks like they are in bad humor. Steer clear of any ‘Gobshites’ as they will be displaying idiot like characteristics.

If a dry shite does come out of his/her shell and decides to have a bit of ‘craic’. The overall response would be ‘Deadly (as in great), fair play (as in good on him).

If a dry shite goes one step further and manages to tell a good joke he/she may be described as being ‘gas’(funny) although he would have to be very funny indeed to be called gas as this is truly a great compliment indeed.  It is generally reserved for an individual who should be a comedian on the stage.

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