Law of Attraction


Happy Monday to you.

I am a big ‘Law of attraction’ fan. I like the idea of visualizing abundance in order to receive it. However, every time I say the word, I picture a little cake dancing (bun dance). It kinda gets in the way of my visualization technique.

Likewise with the word ‘manifest’. Being a massive obsessive music festival fan, I seem to just picture a festival with only me and lots of gorgeous men.

When good things happen, I ponder on whether I have manifested them. But when bad things happen sometimes, I think the same. Like leaving my favorite black bra down at the beach after a fabulous night time swim last week. I was gutted. I then began to think that maybe my swimming prince will pick it up and ask around to find the person who fits it. It was a nice delusion while it lasted.

Anyway, it reappeared yesterday. My bra. Not my prince. I was sitting in my fold up black director’s chair in a park at a ‘talk about it’ get together for people wanting to meet others and share their experiences throughout lockdown.

There were quite a few people I did not know and it was a really enjoyable nourishing meeting. After the meeting I began to pack away my fold up chair. And lo and behold out pops my bra from the black pocket. I forgot that I had actually been clever enough to put it in there. A young guy picked it up, looked at it and blushed whilst asking me if it was mine. I said it wasn’t and asked if it was his. He blushed again. I have no idea why I did this. Perhaps to offset my own embarrassment. I apologized and said that I was only joking.

He was a lovely young fella, not prince material, and I felt a little bad for embarrassing him. But I least I found my lovely bra. Just awaiting the manfest post lockdown now.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.