Mountain Goat


One of my dogs is called Finn- a Morkie- and he thinks he is a mountain goat.  Whilst on Portmarnock beach today he was high up on the dunes, deftly clambering over numerous rocks and all with his inimitable grace and joy. I thought that maybe he needs an abseil harness to get even more of a work out. Then I remembered that he is not a human and would not know how to use a harness.

My dog training skills have always been questionable. However, recently I have been using the ‘positive reward’ system where I reward good behavior as opposed to admonishing poor behavior.

I have a small patio and at times – depending on their mood, or the color of someone’s socks as they pass by- they will bark. When they have been out for a few minutes and are quiet I will call them in and give them a treat.

After a while Finn would give a little bark and come running in licking his lips. When I checked there was no one passing by. I began to think, who is training who here?  I need to brush up on my skills.

The other day when I was visiting a friend’s house Buzz started barking relentlessly at no one in the living room. My friend and I got a bit spooked until I realized that he was barking at his reflection on the TV that was turned off. Dogs, eh?


That’s all for now

Stay fab