Dune Dancing



This has to be one of the cutest clips I have seen in a long time. The little dog has no idea of his limitations and is truly going for it.  I can relate to him. But not in an ‘I was carrying a very big stick’ kind of way.

I was dancing- ok let’s say clambering- through the sand dunes with my dogs the other day when I went arse over tits.  And not in a graceful fashion either.    Once I gathered myself, I quickly looked around to see if anyone had witnessed it.   I then proceeded to try and remove some of the sand that has found its way down to my ass crack.

Whilst I was having a thorough ass crack sand sweep, I looked up to see a man around my age looking in my direction. He was quite good looking and was embarrassed that I had found him watching my embarrassing actions which resulted in the both of us being embarrassed.

I said to him ‘I fell in the dunes’, he replied’ Are you ok?’ and I answered back ‘Just having the craic/crack in the sand’. He sauntered off and I smiled inwardly at my pathetic sense of wit to assuage the humiliation of the entire event. My dune dancing is off limits whilst the chaffing from the sand subsides.


That’s all for now

Stay fab