Muse and Vampire Weekend Part 3 (of 3)

Upon further consideration I have decided not to write a song about Linda Martin as inspired by the Band ‘Duck Sauce’ with their song ‘Barbara Streisand.   I have a couple of reasons for doing this.  The primary one is that there are so few lyrics in  the song ‘Barbara Streisand’ and I would not do Linda Martin justice.

My secondary reason is that I do not want to tarnish the perfect dream I had of ‘Muse’ and my rock’n roll chat with Matt Bellamy about bands that have obscure lyrics.

If you have read yesterday’s blog you may well be saying to yourself ‘Well, surely the main reason that she has not decided to write any more lyrics is because she is shite at writing lyrics?’  And to be honest I would have to agree with you.

A cool and immensely talented band like ‘Vampire Weekend’ can write whatever the feck they like and get away with it.   Whereas a poor blogging mortal like myself should probably just stick to the blogging. And even my blogging skills are questionable at times.

I may, however, dip my toe in the music lyrics writing pool again as I just cannot help myself.   Maybe it will be a matter of practice makes perfect.   Or maybe I’ll always be a shite lyricist?   And that’s ok too.

All the best

Stay Fab