Photo shopping

There has been much talk of late surrounding celebrities that use photo shopping on their images.   There appears to be a very active group of photo shopping police who can ascertain whether an image has been altered by examining the angles surrounding the person in the image.  Are they using spirit levels? Who knows?  One of the male reality stars was not happy with the shape of his nostrils in his photo and apparently altered them to such a degree that they were practically erased.

The photo shopping police likened him to Voldemort from Harry Potter.   Poor ole Voldemort must have had an awful time of it when he had a cold.

I get how it can be misleading when images have been altered to such a degree where the actual person is almost recognizable.  Mingled with the popularity of cosmetic surgery it is always interesting for me to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images.

I must admit that I am a sucker for these.  When cosmetic surgery has been done well and the celebrity still looks like themselves only a younger version, I can only admire the surgeon who performed the work.

I had my sea swim today and my friend took a photo of me coming out of the sea.  I decide to try photo shopping.  And here is the result. They say I looked like Ursula Andress.

What do you think? I may have gone overboard? I am not sure if I have quite got the hang of this photo shopping?

That’s all for now

Stay fab