Baaad Hair Day


I tried a new technique on my hair last night called ‘heatless overnight curls’.    I had seen it on YouTube and was delighted to be able to try something that did not require appliances other than a few clips.

Being a bit overzealous with the curling mousse meant that some of the curls had set so fast that I was unable to unpin them. I tend to always go for the more is better rule. Which never really works yet I still persist.

The attached, is a picture of me this morning, without my lipstick. I realize that tight curls are very much a first world problem. However, on one hand I was simultaneously alarmed and thrilled at the tightness of the curls and on the other I knew that I had gone seriously overboard.


I eventually managed to unknot the curls and began to attack my unruly mane with a hairbrush and too much hair oil.  Buzz and Finn were giving me funny looks as if to say ‘Who has taken our human away and replaced her with a fuzzy oily head’. I am showing my age here when I can compare myself to one of the characters in the cartoon ‘The Hair Bear bunch’.                                                                                                                                                   

In the end I put my fuzzy head beneath my hat to brave the cold weather today. But on removing it after my walk I still looked like I had been electrocuted.


Have a great day.

Stay fab.