Poem Trivial

I met a middle-aged lady a few weeks ago on Malahide Beach. She has lived on the beach in a blue tent for two years. The hostels do not appeal to her as there are too many people with addiction issues.




Poem Trivial

My eyeliner defining me.

My shapewear smoothing my belly.

My blue glitter varnish celebrating my hands.

My Buddha and infinity rings anything but bland.

My coral lipstick to decorate my words

Is my vanity absurd?

Is my ego doing a dance?

In preparation for parlance

Words are trivial

They embellish the convivial.

Conversations and libations

Of philanthropic intentions

Not to mention the pavement person

Outside homeless, another version

Of any one of us. There for the grace of God

As I skulk by with a coin toss and a shameful nod


Adele Leahy


All the best

Stay fab